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Coron Polley took this phone photo of daughter, Ella, looking down on Sunrise Lake in the Chelan Sawtooths. The two recently hiked into and spent the night at Sunrise Lake.

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Bonaparte - Lost Lake Mountain Bike Loops

Whether you start at the Bonaparte Campground or the Lost Lake Campground, a number of mountain biking loops using a combination of paved roads, gravel roads, doubletrack, and singletrack provide a good workout, give the adrenal glands a squeeze, and access scenic viewpoints overlooking the lake and the surrounding hills.

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Squilchuck Trails - Build Them, Ride Them

The green light has been given for development of a mountain bike park at Squilchuck State Park, and now is the time to go dig in the dirt and help make this project come together.

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Fire in the Chiwaukum

Recently, we were browsing Chester Marler’s book, East of the Divide. With the Chiwaukum Creek fire having burned down to the Wenatchee River earlier this summer, we found this entry referring to an old fire in the Chiwaukum Mountains interesting. Fire is a natural part of the landscape and, while it is potentially devastating to some people, we need fire for healthy ecosystems. Chester's writing eludes to this.

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Riding a Human ... or Packing a Bike

A huge mountain bike descent sounds appealing ... until you think about getting the bike up to the top of a route that's too tricky to pedal. Then, do you push the dreaded anchor, let the frame crush your shoulders, or give up on such a ride? Here are two much better ways to pack your bike up a path you just can't pedal.
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Reasons To Try Stand-up Paddleboarding

If you are spending any time this summer at the beach or on a lake, put stand-up paddle boarding on your to-do list. This aquatic sport just keeps rising in popularity. Stand-up paddleboarding, or SUP, is not only a unique adventure, it's a good workout as well. If you haven’t tried SUP yet here are five reasons to try it.

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Jim Hill Mountain

Much like the stubborn railroad baron for which it is named, Jim Hill Mountain stands strong and defiant, guarding it’s relatively small and out-of-the-way summit with a long bushwack and scrambling. Fortunately, the effort is not without reward.

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Injury Prevention 101

Most runners, hikers, climbers, cyclists, and skiers can relate to the double misery of injury. Injury not only hurts physically, it hurts emotionally to be sidelined. Jason Jablonski of SET Coaching recently shared these strengthening and stretching exercises to stave off injury. 

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Sleeping Like a Stone

It’s a three-ounce pillow that cradles the head by night and comforts the bottom by day – which might be another way of saying that Exped’s Air Pillow delivers top-to-bottom comfort. For those who have trouble sleeping in the backcountry, this pillow may be a game changer.

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Conservation Northwest Wildlife Monitoring

“It's like Hiking 2.0,” says Conservation Northwest's Wildlife Monitoring Coordinator, Alison Huyett. When she explains wildlife monitoring, it sounds more like a mythic journey than science. Maybe it's both.

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Three Brothers - West Summit

This rigorous hike that will test your endurance, navigation skills, and off- trail walking. It will also get you to a less-visited summit with beautiful views of the Teanway Peaks and Stuart Range, and spectacular wildflowers.