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Veteran’s Day at Vantage was windy and cold, but the hiking was extremely scenic. Meanwhile, climbers who visited the lower cliffs in this picture were finding sunny, wind-sheltered routes to enjoy. More about hiking here.

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Stormy Mountain Loop

Coron Polley says the Stormy Mountain Loop may not be quite the Chelan classic that the Devils Backbone has become, but it is a should-do ride. It traverses the southern portion of the Devils Backbone that the more classic ride misses but finishes on the same descent of the Pot Peak Trail that so many riders rave about.
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Buck Creek Pass - Beauty and Blisters

Brad Brisbine brought back fabulous photos and a big blister while completing this popular backpacking trip in the Glacier Peak Wilderness. The pain was worth the gain -- Brisbine says, "The blister will heal in two weeks, but I have memories for a lifetime."
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Climate Conversations

It’s an issue sparking heated partisan debate yet, among the large majority of climate scientists, there is little dispute that climate change is happening and that it will significantly impact everyone's future. What does it mean for Wenatchee and what can we do about it?

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Darkside Festival - 2014

This year's Dark Side Ride, has being re-vamped into a festival with rides, trail runs, hikes, music, beer, prizes and more. The event runs Saturday evening September 27 at Mission Ridge. Get out and explore the other side (the dark one) of your personality.
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Angels Staircase & Horsehead Pass - Chelan Sawtooths

Thank goodness for motorcycles. Those aren’t words frequently uttered by the non-motorized outdoor recreation crowd, but in the age of shrinking Forest Service budgets different groups are adopting different trails. Without the dirt bikers the trails into Angels Staircase, Horsehead Pass, Cooney Lakes, and more would be in sad shape.

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Spiders and Solutions

Friends tell her the hike to Spider Gap is a regional classic she must do. Once she could have completed the 16-mile distance as a day trip, but no more. Now age, fitness, and physical woes work against her. The solution: Shed weight until an overnight pack is just a pudgy daypack. Here's what one woman did ... and how it worked.

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Hiking at any Age

photoThis inspiring tale features Aletha Cusick, 93, Jane Wray, 78, and Barb Miles, 83, who are still avid hikers. Some of their favorite treks include Minotaur Lake, Lake Valhalla, Spider Meadows, and Longs Pass. Even winter does not deter these ladies--they dust off the snowshoes and go.
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Hunting Season - 2014

Adventure sport enthusiasts are advised to track the different hunting seasons throughout the fall. Check this synopsis of the different seasons and dates affecting the region. And check our recommendations for making yourself visible.

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Table Mountain - The Three Faces of Eve

In September of 2012, the Table Mountain Fire burnt 42,200 acres of grounds south of Blewett Pass. At other times, wind and low humidity drove the  flames to devour large stands of trees. From destruction comes new life ... making this a very interesting time to hike or mountain bike through this massive burn.

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Table Mountain Loop

In an area crowded by motors, finding a quiet and maintained mountain bike ride is a special, unexpected treat. Fortunately, this loop near Naneum Meadows provides just that, topped off with gorgeous views, technical riding, and, if you're lucky, exceptional wildlife watching.