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December 13 provided T-shirt weather on the Sunshine Wall at Vantage where Adam Vognild (pictured) and about twenty other climbers from Wenatchee, Ellensburg, Ephrata, Cheney, and Spokane congregated. If you can't ski, this isn't a completely terrible way to douse your sorrows.

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Swap Your Gear

The Inner Circle Gym will host the Fifth Annual Gear Swap on Saturday, November 15 at 6 p.m (held at the Inner Circle Gym). Get the event on your calendar if you need equipment or if you've got gear you're no longer using. Read more about the event.

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Nason Ridge Trails - Help Out

Calling all Nordic skiers who enjoy cross-country skiing the Nason Ridge trails. Volunteers lead by Bill Miller have been working to clear brush adjacent to the Nason Ridge ski trail before the snow falls. The cost of the professional mechanical help is an estimated $3000. Help out if you use these trails.

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Warren Miller Film - 2014

I attended my first Warren Miller film in high school and the excitement that film generated was palpable. These films were doing that long before I ever saw one and they're still doing it now. Find out more about this year's film, which for many is the official launch of the ski season.

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El Sendero Backcountry Film Festival

The Backcountry Film Festival celebrates its 10th Anniversary with nine unique films aimed to inspire winter adventurers to seek the snow less traveled. This year the venue has changed so that the audio and the visuals for attendees will be much better.

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October Gold and Our Local Larch

Susan Ballinger observes the changing colors of the larches: Low-angled, fleeting October sunshine sharpens the fall foliage display of our native deciduous shrubs and trees. My favorite tree this time of year is the larch, ...

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2014- A Warm, Dry Year

It's not just your imagination, this has been a dry year and a hot summer. Water totals for the water year were 4.7 inches of rain (58 percent of normal). Data from the Weather Service also substantiates this was one of the hottest summers on record.

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Searching for Saddle Rock

For Brad Lane, the day's journey started with the expectation of capturing a fresh but telling photo of our iconic landmark -- Saddle Rock. The journey did not end with what he came for ... and yet the day transcended what he expected. 

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Stormy Mountain Loop

Coron Polley says the Stormy Mountain Loop may not be quite the Chelan classic that the Devils Backbone has become, but it is a should-do ride. It traverses the southern portion of the Devils Backbone that the more classic ride misses but finishes on the same descent of the Pot Peak Trail that so many riders rave about.
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Buck Creek Pass - Beauty and Blisters

Brad Brisbine brought back fabulous photos and a big blister while completing this popular backpacking trip in the Glacier Peak Wilderness. The pain was worth the gain -- Brisbine says, "The blister will heal in two weeks, but I have memories for a lifetime."
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Climate Conversations

It’s an issue sparking heated partisan debate yet, among the large majority of climate scientists, there is little dispute that climate change is happening and that it will significantly impact everyone's future. What does it mean for Wenatchee and what can we do about it?