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Late afternoon paddling on Pateros Lake. The lake offers excellent birding around the Bridgeport Bar Wildlife Area and peaceful canoeing. See our guidebook entry about paddling Pateros Lake.

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Box Canyon Peak Wanderings

This circuit is more obscure than many trip options around Lake Bonaparte but it gives walkers, mountain bikers, and trail runners already familiar with the area some new ground to explore. 

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Bonaparte - Lost Lake Mountain Bike Loops

Whether you start at the Bonaparte Campground or the Lost Lake Campground, a number of mountain biking loops using a combination of paved roads, gravel roads, doubletrack, and singletrack provide a good workout, give the adrenal glands a squeeze, and access scenic viewpoints overlooking the lake and the surrounding hills.

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Bonaparte Lake Circuit

This 3.5-mile ‘trail’ splices together segments of trail and gravel road to make a circumnavigation of the lake. Hike it or, if you’re an intermediate rider, bike it. The whole circuit is an interesting collection of scenery as you pass through campgrounds, beside cabins, past the Boy Scout Camp, and through wet lands.

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Conservation Northwest Wildlife Monitoring

“It's like Hiking 2.0,” says Conservation Northwest's Wildlife Monitoring Coordinator, Alison Huyett. When she explains wildlife monitoring, it sounds more like a mythic journey than science. Maybe it's both.

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Three Brothers - West Summit

This rigorous hike that will test your endurance, navigation skills, and off- trail walking. It will also get you to a less-visited summit with beautiful views of the Teanway Peaks and Stuart Range, and spectacular wildflowers.

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News from RunWenatchee

RunWenatchee's inaugural Wenatchee Valley Trail Run Series concluded June 22 with two runs in Leavenworth. While we have been holding trail runs for a few years now, we learned a bunch with this official series and are eager to incorporate what we picked up into next year's series...

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Getting Stronger, Reduce Injuries

Strength training is an important component of run training. Incorporation of strength work leads to a reduced risk of injury and increased muscular endurance. Strength training does not always need to include weights and can easily be accomplished anywhere. Below are a couple of great 'no equipment required' strength moves...

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Rock Reach Trail - Ribbon Cutting

"This has been 20 years in the making," Bob Parlette said as he addressed a crowd of about 75 people at Lincoln Rock State Park who had assembled for a ribbon-cutting celebration of the Rocky Reach Trail last night. "There were times I wasn't sure I'd live long enough to see this happen....

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Ghost Bears Field Course

It’s an exciting meld of hands-on, pertinent science and getting out there in the GREAT (as the North Cascades are) outdoors! This summer, venture into the wilderness on a backpacking adventure in search of the grizzly bear, the “Ghost Bear” on the North Cascades. Join Wenatchee River Institute and our team of wildlife biologists for one- or both- of our week-long field courses, July 20-26and August ...

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Bug Be Gone

It’s happening earlier than normal this summer...we’re receiving word from mountain bikers riding near Lake Wenatchee and from hikers visiting the Squilchuck Basin that the vampires are emerging. How do you keep them from sipping on your red wine?