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The wildflowers have been so spectacular this year, we just keep bombarding you with beautiful images that we've been sent. Here's one Marc Dilley took recently.

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Kicking Horse by the Numbers

The low-snow winter of 2015 us frustrated, but the Canadian snowpack is closer to normal. The problem becomes one of deciding where to go -- Apex, Silver Star, Sun Peaks, Revelstoke, Fernie?? In the end we decide on a place that kicks our butts.
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Bird Quiz – North Central Washington

Peter Bauer is an enthusiastic amateur photographer. For many years landscapes held his highest interest but, of late, he’s been focusing on the fast, finicky, fleeting challenge of bird photography. We've put together a bird quiz using about 45 of his images. Test your knowledge and enjoy the beautiful photos.
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Rediscovering the Groomers

Matt Dahlgreen admits to having become a bit of a snob when it comes to skiing groomed runs. Read here for his sad tale of comeupance... and redemption.  (He does want you to know that he appears in none of the photographs.)
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Family Affair on the Moose Dewlap

Laura Valaas writes, "Despite decades of ski racing, the inaugural Moose Dewlap Citizen Trek was to be the first time my two siblings and I all participated in a ski event together." Valaas reports that not only is it fun to ski with (and torment) siblings, but that the cinnamon rolls make this event worth the effort.
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Mule Deer Summit

The Sage Hills are closed from December 1 until April 1 but when the warmer weather and longer days of March arrive, many local residents are anxious to get outdoors and explore the hills. Although visitors to the Sage Hills may not think they're harming the deer, they are. Find out why and why the deer need their space during this time.

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The Thinning (and Fattening) of AT Ski Gear

All at the same time AT gear is getting lighter and heavier; skinnier and fatter -- it all depends on whether you want to far and fast, or steep and fast. While there are dozens of new skis hitting the market, even bigger things are afoot with bindings, boots, and skins...
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Nice Piece of A.S.S.

If you click on this post because you think WenatcheeOutdoors has tried to boost its ratings through porn, you’ll be sorely disappointed. This post is about Adventure Skate Skiing (ASS) or skate skiing in non-traditional areas like along groomed snowmobile trails. Find out the why, where, when, an how of it all here.

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Man Against Mountain - Round Two

Brian Holt writes, "After my first lesson, skiing was something I was looking forward to. Knowing I would be headed up to Mission Ridge soon made a week of dreary, cold weather down in the valley much more tolerable. I kept visualizing what I learned the previous week..." In this article, Holt tells how he fared during his second lesson.
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New Gear - 2015/16

An occasional leap year; then many incremental steps. That’s what hikers, climbers, skiers, snowhoers, and runners are likely to see each year at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City. Here's a recap of some leaps and steps noticed this year.
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Rediscovering Skiing

Brian Holt writes, "In September I moved to Wenatchee. Growing up in South Carolina there wasn't much opportunity to go skiing, but every year my dad took the family skiing on the Martin Luther King weekend. This was something we all enjoyed and an activity bonding us. Unfortunately..."