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Mike Rolfs captured Matias Rudback checking the hoar frost crystals on the bottom of a block of snow that slid while testing snow conditions. Read more about the snow conditions in the Mission Ridge and Lake Chelan backcountry.

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Ridge to River Comeback

Susan Valaas and Kathleen Koos (mothers of some very accomplished local athletes) power a canoe in the last Ridge-to-River competition held in 2009. Efforts are afoot to bring Ridge2River back in a more local version of the old race.
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Five Reasons to Come Back

Katie Covey explains that her four years at Washington State University have given her new perspective on how pretty, active, and vibrant Wenatchee is. Here are the reasons she says she intends to return after graduation this spring.

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Treaures of Trash

What joy it is for a cheapskate to harvest useful, well-designed treasures from the trash. Here's a great find: The plastic jar used for Kraft Jet-Puff. The jar is worth the purchase alone, but here's a good recipe for the marshmallow cream as well.

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Saddle Rock... As Seen by Flatlanders

What to do when the family comes to visit? Especially when they are from the land of the flat? When her parents and brother came to visit, AmeriCorps volunteer Kathleen Hannah, researched what activities would give a genuine Wenatchee experience. Of course, hiking Saddle Rock was a must.

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The Vantage Advantage

There are times in the late fall, winter, and early spring when the trails of the high Cascades, as well as those throughout and the Wenatchee Valley, are a combination of snowy, rainy, and muddy. So what are trail enthusiasts to do? Answer: Head to Vantage.

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A Rookie's Tale: Camping 101

Kathleen Hannah writes, "My first camping experience was 'interesting.' It was less about communing with nature and more about full-immersion baptism." Read about it ... and share some of your own initiation stories, rookie mistakes, and lessons learned.

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Wenatchee Area Given Bronze Status

The League of American Bicyclists just recognized the Greater Wenatchee Metropolitan Area with the Bronze award for being a Bicycle Friendly Community. This is a significant achievement in our regional transportation planning, but there are still higher levels to ...

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Embracing the Cold- Fall Cycling

Cycling in Central Washington is a wonderful form of transportation and exercise during the warm months, but how do you stay motivated to keep riding during the chilly months? With these tips – many of them gleaned from local experts --you can take advantage of your bike...

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Dead Hog Births Baby Moose

The Hog Loppet is gone. After being unable to run the event for two of the last three years, the Leavenworth Winter Sports Club is tossing in the towel. That's not to say, however, that the LWSC is done with long, challenging ski treks. Say 'goodbye' to the Hog and 'hello' to the Moose.

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Vantage - Sand Dune Hike

The cliff-lined coulees and desert landscape around Frenchman Coulee (near Vantage) gives visitors lots of distractions. Between the Spaghetti Western setting, the geology sculpted by the Ice Age Floods, the rock climbing activity, and the sand dunes, there's no shortage of things to see on this short outing.