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A true testament to the low snow year, the Snow Creek Glacier on the east side of Dragontail Peak in the Enchantments is showing conditions not typically observed until autumn - if even then. Photo taken July 25th. 

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Everybody Out(doors) Day - June 13

What kind of nonsense is this… use National Outdoors Day (June 13) to go indoors so you can learn about the outdoors? The irony of this scheme is not lost on us, and yet if we want to convert the huddled masses to the church of the outdoors, to the indoors you must go. Which is why lots of us will be at Pybus Market on Saturday.

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Upper Methow River Recreation Survey

This post seeks respondents for an online survey directed at individuals who have floated (in a raft, kayak, tube or other craft) the Methow River above Weeman Bridge and below the Lost River. The survey is being conducted in collaboration with Yakima Nation Fisheries.
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Red Devil Run

The Red Devil Challenge Trail Runs are coming up on May 31. There will be a 10K and and 25K run and the details of the event listed here. Even if you don't want to run this as an event, keep in mind the route on any other day is a good recreational trail run and an excellent mountain bike ride.

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Ride of Silence

The annual Ride of Silence will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 20, beginning at Pybus Public Market and continuing in a slow procession through the city. A  ceremony at 6:30 p.m. at the south end of Pybus remembers family and friends who have been lost or injured while riding.
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From Road to Dirt

Adam Vognild discusses transitioning from road running to trail running. What are the benefits, gear needed, and hazards? How do you know where to go locally?  What resources and groups can help you? This piece has everything you need to get going.

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Before He Wakes

"Before He Wakes," was filmed in the Wenatchee Foothills last fall. This short film, by Wenatchee resident Steven Gnam, is about one woman's daily routine to rise in the dark and greet the sunrise. The imagery does a great job in showcasing the Wenatchee Valley.
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Ice Age Floods Tour

Considering how integral the Ice Age Floods were to the final sculpting of Central Washington, this is a very worthwhile program in better understanding the place where we live.

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Wenatchee Spring Video

I was riding Twin Peaks on Friday and the flowers were ridiculous. It was a blizzard of yellow (balsamroots) with squalls of blue (lupines). Quite a few people were out enjoying the spring flowers and it was windy... which brought about this idea for a video clip.

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Echo Ridge in Spring

The tangle of old logging roads along Echo Ridge (famous for Nordic skiing in winter) offers excellent opportunities for hiking, mtn biking, and running along fairly flat routes with expansive views over Lake Chelan and the high Cascades. This is an especially good area for beginning mountain bikers and our new map has all the newest trails.
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Chinook Pass - The Six-O Tour

She had expected him to spend the weekend helping her – mid-April had brought grass to mow, weeds to pull, and stumps to grind. “No can do,” he told her. “Some of the guys have planned Sixtieth Birthday Tour for me.”