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Fred Stanley took this picture of Mount Stuart from Ingalls Lake late in the day last week. After the last light left the peak, he and two others walked back to the car (mainly by headlight).

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Jack Creek, Jack Ridge, Trout Lake

Connect these wooded trails near the end of the Icicle Road to complete a 13-mile loop. Or, follow the trail in and out of Trout Lake Trail for a mellower, 11.5-mile hike. These trails are lacking in long views but they are pleasant, forested hikes. You can also access the spectacular high country around Windy Pass via the Trout Lake Trail.

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Swap Your Gear

The Leavenworth Ski and Gear Swap, benefiting LWSC, will take place on Sunday October 25, 2015. In Wenatchee, the Gear Swap benefiting the Chelan County Mountain Rescue Association takes place on November 6, 2015. Swap your dust collectors for gear you'll use.

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Ruby Creek Outings – Playing the Bench

The Ruby Creek watershed is a maze of old roads.Most of those roads are now closed and are home to various thickets of second-growth forests. Some of the road, however, provide second-string outings for our local outdoor enthusiasts. What do we mean by this?

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Cathedral Lakes Pilgrimage

Located in Okanogan County, the Pasayten Wilderness is outside our normal territory. But it's a spectacular setting and close enough to be on the bucket list of locals. It's also a place to wrestle with big questions as you let body and mind roam.

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Hunting Season - 2015

Outdoor sport enthusiasts are advised to track the different hunting seasons throughout the fall. Check this synopsis of the different seasons and dates affecting our region. And check out our clothing recommendations that deer wouldn't be caught dead in.

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Magnet Ridge to Tronsen Ridge

Although old maps show it, the trail leading up Magnet Ridge near Blewett Pass is a discontinued trail. There’s no trailhead at the base, no signs along its length, and no Forest Service crews maintaining it. Seclusion is one reason to walk this ghost trail, beautiful groves of old ponderosa pines another.

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Meru ... the Movie

Meru, the movie of climbing the unclimbed Himalayan peak of the same name, showed in Leavenworth last week. The film won the Sundance Film Festival for best documentary, but the crowd at Leavenworth was a jaded, outdoorsy one who has seen it all before. So did this film deliver?

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Mormon Ladies Lakes Traverse

When describing this local backpacking trip to friends as a traverse of the "Mormon Ladies Lakes", I received more than a few blank stares. Apparently the lakes along this route are named for the many wives of Brigham Young – including Edna, Mary, Margaret, Florence, Alice, and Flora. Whatever you call this route, it's a good one.

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A Walk Through the Chiwaukums

You've already done the Enchantment Lakes Traverse, so what's next as a challenging and spectacular fall-colors hike? Bill Wicheta gives an excellent alternative in this accounting of a traverse he took through the Chiwaukum Mountains a number of years ago.

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Squilchuck-to-Wheeler Loops

Is this story about loop routes between Squilchuck State Park and the Wheeler Reservoir, or is it about two-wheeler bike loops in the Squilchuck area? We're giving you both. We're also giving you the beta on an excellent loop that hikers and trail runners will enjoy.