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This year's dearth of snow in the Washington backcountry recently drove local skiers Matt Dahlgreen (above) and Andy Dappen to join friends skiing the backcountry near Golden, BC. Read more here.  They reported the terrain was a lot like skiing the north side of Cashmere Mountain...only bigger. 

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Night of the Grizzly - Jan 8

Have you seen a bear while visiting a national park in the Northwest? Are the North Cascades wild enough for grizzly bears--and are they already there? Attend this presentation (January 8, 6 pm) at the Wenatchee Public Library to find out if the "ghost bears" of the North Cascades are really there.

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Twin Peaks in Winter

For about a month each winter when we have low snow,, the road up Twin Peaks makes for an accessible and surprisingly enjoyable ski, snowshoe, or winter walk. The season is short so when opportunity knocks by delivering snow, get after it. 

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The Procrastinator's Guide to Shopping

If you’ve been bad and left your Christmas shopping 'til the last minute, you’ve just run into a stroke of good luck: We made rounds of local outdoor stores and found particularly useful outdoor products to consider as gifts. Check out our recommends.

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Mission Ridge Acquires More Property

Mission Ridge's owner, Larry Scrivanich recently purchased two parcels of land adjacent to Mission Ridge's permitted ski area operations amounting to about 800 acres. Scrivanich says The opportunity to acquire the property came up quickly, but that the ski areas has no plan yet as to how to use the property.

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Ridge to River Comeback

Susan Valaas and Kathleen Koos (mothers of some very accomplished local athletes) power a canoe in the last Ridge-to-River competition held in 2009. Efforts are afoot to bring Ridge2River back in a more local version of the old race.
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Five Reasons to Come Back

Katie Covey explains that her four years at Washington State University have given her new perspective on how pretty, active, and vibrant Wenatchee is. Here are the reasons she says she intends to return after graduation this spring.

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Treaures of Trash

What joy it is for a cheapskate to harvest useful, well-designed treasures from the trash. Here's a great find: The plastic jar used for Kraft Jet-Puff. The jar is worth the purchase alone, but here's a good recipe for the marshmallow cream as well.

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Saddle Rock... As Seen by Flatlanders

What to do when the family comes to visit? Especially when they are from the land of the flat? When her parents and brother came to visit, AmeriCorps volunteer Kathleen Hannah, researched what activities would give a genuine Wenatchee experience. Of course, hiking Saddle Rock was a must.

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Gear of the Year - 2014 Edition

We all have items in our equipment arsenals that have earned our admiration. We've shared our thoughts on some of the best products we tested this year. Now it's your turns. Add to the conversation by sharing your thoughts on the best products you used this year.
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The Vantage Advantage

There are times in the late fall, winter, and early spring when the trails of the high Cascades, as well as those throughout and the Wenatchee Valley, are a combination of snowy, rainy, and muddy. So what are trail enthusiasts to do? Answer: Head to Vantage.


Input desired from rowers and paddlers.

The Wenatchee Row and Paddle Club (WRPC) is doing strategic planning in February to set a course for the future. The club wants to know:

 “How should the WRPC expand its programs, activities, and facilities to best serve the greater Wenatchee area over the next 10 years?”