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Washington Pass Ski Tours

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, and as part of Subaru Outdoor Series, Tom Janisch took out two different backcountry ski tours in the Washington Pass area for the benefit of those who attended our backcountry skiing classroom sessions in early winter. Here's Tom's recap and some beautiful pictures.

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BC Skiing and Subarus

Our first instructional backcountry ski outing of 2012 took place recently with a ski up Bean Creek to the Earl Peak environs. Drew and Cathy Gaylord, Sherrill and Freeman joined me for some backcountry instruction intermixed with sweating, scenery spectating, turning, and fun hogging. 
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Rock-Mastiff-Howard Traverse

This time of year the problem with skiing isn't that there's a shortage of high snow, but that there's a shortage of low snow to access the high snow. Here's a tour that gets you to the snow fast and has a good ratio of skiing to carrying.