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Sports Drink - Make Your Own

Dear Socrates, this simple recipe for making your own sports drink (electrolyte drink) is from a reputable source and has been reviewed by registered nutritionists and doctors. You can use it with confidence that it won't poison you. It's cheap to make and saves resources.
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Magnet Creek Outings

Although ‘Magnet’ might imply this area attracts lots of people, it’s quite the opposite. Even on a huge weekend (e.g., Memorial Day or Labor Day) you’re likely to be alone on this airy but scenic hike near Blewett Pass.

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Twin Lakes

My companions were shocked, “What? Mr. Outdoors hasn’t hiked to Twin Lakes? Every outdoorsman who’s any outdoorsman has hiked this one!” Doing this hike was long overdue for me but I can attest that I should have done this one long ago. It's not really the lakes that make this such a good hike, but the walk to get there.

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Playboating Cashmere

The play holes and rapids upstream of Cashmere are among the most popular on the Wenatchee River. Not only are many of the play spots excellent, they are convenient for boaters living in the Lower Valley who are looking for post-work excitement. Enjoy them now, before the Wenatchee fades away for summer.

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Land Trust Goes Big

The Land Trust announced on February 20 that they are shooting the moon and going big. In an effort that will be the biggest fund-raising campaign launched by a non-profit in the Wenatchee Valley, the CDLT is raising $8.1 million to double the amount of protected open space in the Wenatchee Foothills. What does this mean to the area now and in the future? A whole lot more than you might think.
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The Five-Mile Final Exam

After four weeks of grueling mental preparation on winter survival gear, avalanche safety, and backcountry navigation, the partcipants of our Self-Sufficient Snowshoeing Class were put to the test. Did they find their way or become a Donner-Party-styled disaster?
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Fire and Fluff

Tyee Mountain is better known as a firefighter’s mountain than a skier's mountain. Twice in recent history it has erupted in flames when massive wildfires burned in the Entiat Valley. All that burning has opened up a lot of north-facing ground for powder skiing, making it an intriguing combination of ash and stash.
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Sports Nutrition Made Simple

New Years' often brings swarms of resolutions to train harder, longer and more often. To help your 2013 fitness goals keep out of the Graveyard of Unfulfilled Resolutions, fine-tune your training nutrition with the research summarized in this article from the WenatcheeOutdoors archives.
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The Man Who Climbed a Hill and Skied Down a Mountain

As Mike Rolfs and I skied up the snow-covered roads leading to the top of Twin Peaks, Mike questioned whether this 4,700-foot summit was a foothill of Wenatchee or a mountain. In my mind it's always been a foothill, but there's good reasons to consider it mountain.
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The Art of the Uptrack

With backcountry ski season now well underway, here's a refresher on uptracking from the WenatcheeOutdoor archives: Carving a masterful uptrack is an artist's work, and is also about safety, efficiency, snow analysis, scenic enjoyment, and more.