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Playboating Cashmere

The play holes and rapids upstream of Cashmere are among the most popular on the Wenatchee River. Not only are many of the play spots excellent, they are convenient for boaters living in the Lower Valley who are looking for post-work excitement. Enjoy them now, before the Wenatchee fades away for summer.

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Vetting the Boyfriend

Some would argue with a name like ‘Andy’ he must be a fabulous person. In this case, the ‘Andy’ in question is the boyfriend of my daughter so the standards for his evaluation are a little higher than the name alone. Time to use the mountains to measure the lad.
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Dreams and Dread - The Cannon Mountain Couloir

It’s been on Jamie's hit list for eons. In fact, every time he’s driven the bottom of the Eightmile Road that white gash has been an in-your-face-effrontery that he’s not gotten the job done. Now he’s finally at the other end looking down the Cannon Mountain Couloir and thinking, “Why did I want to do this?”

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The Loneliness of the Angle Peak Skier

The peaks flanking the Entiat River are the region's most overlooked backcountry skiing destination. That’s good news for those who want the area’s big bowls and long ridges to themselves. Solitude, however, isn't all you'll find on these peaks rising a vertical mile above the valley floor.
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Snows of Iron

Late March and a fair-weather weekend is forecasted after a midweek dumping of fresh snow. That means skiers might encounter powder and corn if they're clever, crusts and cruds if they're not. Two skiers in pursuit of excellence decide it's a good time to ski Iron Mountain.


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Blewett to Blewett the Long Way

A skier ponders what a bizarre creature of habit he is. Why has he never explored the Kittitas County side of Blewett Pass? In the effort to expand the little box he's placed himself in, he finds noteworthy new terrain to enjoy. Maybe a new habit is in the making??
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Seventh Heaven Tour

Should we call this traverse along the Cascade Crest that starts at Stevens Pass the Seven Peaks Tour? Or should we play off the name of the chairlift at Stevens and call this the Seventh Heaven Tour? It’s a hard question to answer until the tour is done, so away we go.
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Lanham Lake Explorations

Many winter travelers use the 1.75-mile trail between the Stevens Pass Nordic Center and Lanham Lake. It's a pretty outing by itself. Lanham Lake is also a good springboard for exploring domains few visit. This is a story of such exploration -- with its corresponding highs and lows.


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Enchanting Heather

 "What’s the secret for getting your kids to do this?" she asks when she passes us on the way to Asgard Pass. The woman, a mother, has noticed my daughter is keeping pace and chatting pleasantly as we climb. Several answers come to mind ...
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Springtime in Hel

On the vernal equinox, two locals to go to Hel looking for spring. They discover there is heaven in Hel. And that, contrary to popular belief, Hel can freeze over. They also discover that, for them, the fruits of winter (powder) trump the vegetables of spring (corn).