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Playboating Cashmere

The play holes and rapids upstream of Cashmere are among the most popular on the Wenatchee River. Not only are many of the play spots excellent, they are convenient for boaters living in the Lower Valley who are looking for post-work excitement. Enjoy them now, before the Wenatchee fades away for summer.

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Skiing Reynolds Peak

The math determining when the ski season ends is different for everyone. Two skiers hit Reynolds Peak in mid-June. They find good skiing,but they also feel the season teetering -- maybe it's time to take up a summer sport? 

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Wedge Mountain - The Backup Plan

The weekend ridge loop had been planned for a month. As the date neared, however, avalanche conditions were out of synch with our aspirations. Pulling the plug is hard ... which is why a good backup plan (like this relatively safe tour up Wedge Mountain) is an important safety trick. When needed, it gives you a safer stick to chase.

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Stupor Sunday - Skiing Big Slide

This was run a few years ago but, if you missed it then, enjoy it now. On Super Sunday – the national day of overeating and overspectating -- two locals opt not to be counted among the couch potatoes. They go big on the big day ... and find themselves wishing they'd stuck to the couch. 

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Saddle Rock 'Lake' - Where Is It?

Think you've seen it all at Saddle Rock? Have you found Saddle Rock Lake and Little Utah Canyon? Have you circumnavigated the entire parcel on trails? Randy Riggs opened my eyes to new possibilities in an old stomping ground.


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Indecision Revisited

From this picture you'd think this to be a story about incompetence. But this tale about skiing Cashmere Mountain is really about indecision...and a tweaked knee. It's also about sun and views, powder and corn, and caution and recklessness.

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Enchantment Reunion Ski Tour

Thirty years after they skied the Grand Combin in the Swiss Alps, two skiers rendezvous for a reunion ski tour in the Enchantment Lakes Basin. They ski, they compare and contrast, and they decide they better not wait that long to ski together again.