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Dreams and Dread - The Cannon Mountain Couloir

It’s been on Jamie's hit list for eons. In fact, every time he’s driven the bottom of the Eightmile Road that white gash has been an in-your-face-effrontery that he’s not gotten the job done. Now he’s finally at the other end looking down the Cannon Mountain Couloir and thinking, “Why did I want to do this?”

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Stupor Sunday - Skiing Big Slide

This was run a few years ago but, if you missed it then, enjoy it now. On Super Sunday – the national day of overeating and overspectating -- two locals opt not to be counted among the couch potatoes. They go big on the big day ... and find themselves wishing they'd stuck to the couch. 

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Rogers Pass Skiing

Over the last twenty years, Rogers Pass (between Revelstoke and Golden, BC) has emerged as a ski-touring destination of international renown. In the early 1980s, 500 backcountry skiers visited each year. Now 20,000 skiers/year visit. This winter 12 of us from Wenatchee made the pilgrimage.

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Miller Peak – Awesome or Awful?

On a weekend threatening to deliver woeful conditions, two skiers refuse to give up on winter and go in search of the wonderful. On Miller Peak they find both what is threatened and what they search for. By day's end, they ...
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Foothills Infatuation

Family travels take me to places south in mid-December just when the La Nina year is leaving our foothills in condition for backyard backcountry skiing. I leave, fearing the foothills season, which doesn’t shape up at all some years and only lasts several weeks on a better year will slip by without me.

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Backcountry Skiing - Gearing Up

Hoping to ski the backcountry snows and peaks of Central Washington? Would telemark or alpine touring (AT) gear be best? Should you go wide and fat, or skinny and light? What can you skimp on? Get advice, answers and recommendations. 

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Indecision Revisited

From this picture you'd think this to be a story about incompetence. But this tale about skiing Cashmere Mountain is really about indecision...and a tweaked knee. It's also about sun and views, powder and corn, and caution and recklessness.

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Rock Mtn to Mastiff Mtn Traverse

Adam Vognild, Tom Janisch, and Andy Dappen discover a gratifications of ski touring in the Cascades: The chance to ski everything from blower powder to body-slamming death cookies ... all on the same day. Traversing from Rock Mtn to Mt Mastiff the three enjoy the entertainment and the humility of skiing a hundred snow types.

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Gear Trends - Backcountry Skiing

Western Winter Sports Representatives Association (WWSRA) just took place at Mission Ridge and retailers from around the West arrived to test-drive next year’s ski gear. One person I like to ask for opinions and for his thoughts about ski-touring trends is Martin Volken, the owner of a North Bend ski shop and an internationally certified mountain guide.



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Jove Peak - The Imagination Tour

Demented minds think alike. Given the terrible backcountry snows of early December two skiers go through the same thought processes to divine where the skiing will be purrrfect. And, by Jove, they come up with the same south-facing solution.