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A Morning in the Sage

It’s prime time for walks in the Wenatchee Foothills. The balsamroot in the lower foothills was at peak bloom last weekend. This weekend the lower elevation balsamroots may be sagging, but they'll still be beautiful...and the lupines will be brilliant. Check out these photos.
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Foothill Flowers - Early Bloomers

It’s early April and only the earliest-blooming wildflowers (yellow bells, biscuitroots, sagebrush buttercups) are emerging in relatively sparse numbers. See what's out there now, and find out how far behind 'average' this year's bloom is.

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Sage Hills - Complete Trail System

The Sage Hills are home to many of Wenatchee’s prettiest hikes and rides. But the area is confusing because there’s no signage and many segments of trails are now closed. So we’ve put together this inventory of legal trails and a good map. Use this information like a menu to assemble an outing that’s the right length and difficulty for you.
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Farewell to a Friend - Naná Simone

Naná Simone was a one-of-a-kind around these parts--in name, spirit, enthusiasm, and goodwill. Her death a few days ago was unexpected and leaves a vacuum....If you were a friend or acquaintance, please  help us all remember Naná by adding your own thoughts or memories to the end of this article

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Flower Report - 4/21/08

Snow blanketed the Wenatchee Valley on Saturday night. Snow so late in the spring is a first during my nine years of living in Central Washington. It occurred to me late Sunday morning that snow on the background hills with foregrounds of colorful flowers provided the elements for pretty photos. I grabbed the camera and into the Wenatchee Foothills I rambled.
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Foothills Trail - Video Slideshow

 The Wenatchee Foothills offer convenient opportunities to hike, mountain bike, trail run, snowshoe, and  cross-country ski. The trails in the foothills offer Wenatchee resident a wilder, higher complement to the 'Loop Trail' down along the city's riverfront. This audio-visual slideshow discusses efforts to link our foothill trails into an integrated trail system....
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Foothills Trail - Video Slideshow

  If you've heard about the 'Foothills Trail' in the open lands flanking Wenatchee to the west, and wondered exactly what that was all about, this slideshow will explain it better....