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Battle of the Bikes - Update

Forty cyclists participated in the first Battle of the Bikes to see who could ride from Wenatchee to Ellensburg fastest...taking any route they wanted. Find out what happened... and see a slideshow of pictures taken by the teams.

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Hog Loppet 2010

The 2009 Hog Loppet was a resounding success with 500 cross-country skiers in attendance. Vitek Siroky skied much of the route with his video camera glued to his eye. If you're doing the 2010 Loppet on February 27 (or simply want to know what the event is all about), take a look.
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Stemilt Basin - The New-Year Tour

A New Year's Day circuit through the Stemilt Basin, the place where Mission Ridge was almost built 42 years ago, offers the best backcountry skiing of the year. Are we saying the skiing was 'killer' or stating the obvious (on the first day of the year how could the skiing be anything but the year's best)?

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Backcountry Skiing -- Where to Go?

For backcountry skiers, much about a safe and enjoyable day of touring is wrapped up in the decision of where you ski. Before you even leave home, use these resources to find the best tour for the given weather, avalanche conditions, and snow cover.
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Mission Peak Dawn Patrol

When time is short and family politics prescribe that you make a showing, a Dawn Patrol up Mission Peak provides the solution for having your skiing and a family too.


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Hog Loppet - Slideshow and Synopsis

Five hundred people showed up on February 23 to participate in the running of the Hog between Mission Ridge and Blewett Pass. The 2007 and 2008 Hog Loppets were diametrically opposed in weather, proving that the Hog is a bi-polar beast. Last year the Hog gave us a pig of a day with frigid temperatures, blustery winds, and moody clouds. Not this year.  Read this post or see this slideshow to learn more.
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Snow Report (12/17) and Skiing for Sanity

He commented about the crowds at Leavenworth, "Are all these people normal, or am I the freak in feeling like a day of knick-knacking here is a form of torture?"  ... If your idea of a good time is skiing rather than shopping, things are shaping up nicely...
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Condition Pages - What Thinketh Thou?

Our 'Condition' tables and pages are the the easiest, fastest way to monitor local (and statewide) Weather , Road and Pass conditions, and Ski and Snow Conditions. Bookmark these pages -- they're extremely useful....