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Playboating Cashmere

The play holes and rapids upstream of Cashmere are among the most popular on the Wenatchee River. Not only are many of the play spots excellent, they are convenient for boaters living in the Lower Valley who are looking for post-work excitement. Enjoy them now, before the Wenatchee fades away for summer.

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White River - Lower

This meandering stretch of river offers a surprising sense of wilderness considering its proximity to civilization. The sandbar on which we camped was laced with bear tracks and the land seemed so untouched that it was almost a shock to catch a rare glimpse of a road.

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Wenatchee Valley-Trips and Trails Guide

WenatcheeOutdoors prepared the content for the recently released Wenatchee Valley Trips and Trails guide that is now available in many of the local outdoor stores, fitness clubs, and hotels. The guide has words and maps for 14 different outings in the lower Wenatchee Valley. The Loop, Saddle Rock, Sage Hills, Horse Lake Road, Twin Peaks, Burch Mountain, Confluence Park, Clara Lake and more are covered within this booklet...
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Bay Watch

This article by Tom Reese in The Seattle Times, discussing the Union Bay wetlands that are part of the 320-acre University of Washington Botanic Gardens, is thoughtful and nicely written. It might give you ideas for an outing during your next trip to Seattle. It also harkens to what makes our lifestyle so special throughout the Wenatchee Valley....