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Sellar Bridge Bike Improvements

Bicyclist and pedestrians can now move freely from one side of the Columbia to the other, thanks to recent improvements to the George Sellar Bridge by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).

George Sellar Bridge is the main access route for automobiles connecting Wenatchee and East Wenatchee. According to Charlie Hickenbottom of Greater Wenatchee Bicycle Advisory Board, there are now pedestrian connections towards several popular destinations in East Wenatchee, including Valley Mall Parkway, Grant Road, Fred Meyer, and Hobby Lobby. 

Two routes head south towards 3rd Street and Hydro Park; the first is a business route providing access to businesses located on the west side of Highway 28 (Sunset Highway) both north and south of Sellar Bridge, while the second is closer to the Columbia River and provides a scenic and direct route all the way to Hydro Park. Another route also heads north along the Columbia toward Apple Capital Loop Trail and 9th Street. 

Additionally, a new bike/ped ramp has recently been completed that provides access to the Sellar Bridge sidewalk from the east side of Wenatchee Avenue at Snohomish Street. The easier route to reach this access point to the Sellar Bridge is to bike downhill on Marr Street from Methow Avenue near Lincoln Elementary School. However, pedestrians and bicyclists should continue to be aware that construction is still evolving on the Wenatchee side of the Sellar Bridge, potentially hindering access to entrances to the bridge walkways.