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Gift Card Hunting

The Hunt Continues

After Steve Tidd found the $20 gift card hidden by the WenatcheeOutdoors staff in Dry Gulch last Friday, he decided to take fate into his own hands by replacing the card in another location. Somewhere out on the beautiful rolling hills of Dry Gulch lies a lonely gift card waiting to be discovered for a higher purpose; to be used on quality outdoor sports equipment at Sports and Fitness Outlet in Wenatchee. But who will be the one to conquer Dry Gulch and pursue this dream of redemption?

With promises of blue skies with sunny rays all week, check out these clues at the WenatcheeOutdoors Forum and "just get out" to join the hunt for the gift card! 

Not sure where to look in Dry Gulch? Check out this guidebook entry for Dry Gulch trails.

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