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Funding the Rocky Reach Trail

Photo Credit: Mike Sorensen. Phase 1 of Rocky Reach Trail broke ground in November. 

Rocky Reach Trail Update

Construction of the Rocky Reach Trail finally began on November 12, 2013. A groundbreaking ceremony was held at Lincoln Rock State Park where a ceremonial shovel was used to move the first scoop of dirt. Complete the Loop Chairman, Bob Parlette, said this trail is another step toward creating a stronger and safer running and cycling community within the Wenatchee Valley. He also said this was a step that would complement the creation of a valley trail spanning from Wenatchee to Leavenworth.

While the construction of the Rocky Reach Trail is now underway, it is still far from completed and is not yet fully funded. Last March the construction and funding was
divided into three phases. Phase 1 was to be the northernmost mile of the trail, starting from Lincoln Rock State Park and moving southward to a viewpoint. Phase 2 was defined as the southernmost 0.6-miles of trail, starting at Odabashian Bridge and moving northward to a different viewpoint. And Phase 3 was the largest project, connecting the 3.3 miles between Phase 1 and 2. 

Already in March, Phase 1 had successfully gained the necessary $1.28 million in funding to build it, so that is where construction started in November. Since then, Phase 3 received funding from the State of Washington. Construction there will begin after the completion of Phase 1.

Photo Credit: Marilyn Hedges

Funding Phase 2 is now the missing part of the puzzle that the Complete the Loop Coalition (CTLC) is rallying the community to support. Local individuals who will use the trai,l and local businesses that understand the value the trail adds to community are being asked to pony up for what they value. Phase 2 will require $300,000 to construct and, to date, only half of that amount has been raised. Parlette emphasizes that this amount needs to be reached by April 1, 2014 if the trail is to be completed in 2014. 

Photo Credit: Marilyn Hedges
Two matching pledges should help the CTLC raise these funds. Eliot and Tina Scull will match $1 for every $2 donated by the general public to the project up to $100,000. Additionally, there is a dollar-for-dollar matching pledge for any donations to the project received from employees of Confluence Health (i.e.,  Wenatchee Valley Medical Center, and Central Washington Hospital, including retired physicians and providers of WVMC). 

With Phase 1 under way and Phase 3 ready to start behind it, the Rocky Reach Trail is very close to being completed and connected to the Apple Capital Loop Trail. It will be a fun day when we can ride all the way from Hydro Park to Lincoln Rock State Park! Donating to the cause will not only make this a possibility in the year ahead, it will give those who contribute ownership and connection to this new community resource.

If you're going to use it, help pay for it.This should be a no brainer -- especially when gifts will be matched by either the Sculls or Confluence Health. Donate online here or send a check to Complete the Loop Coalition, P.O. Box 1192, Wenatchee, WA 98807. 

Photo Credit: Washington State Parks. Bulldozer working on Phase 1 of the Rocky Reach Trail.