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Dragontail Peak - West Route

Summitpost.org details this trail nicely and includes photographs. 
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Adapted from Summitpost.org:
The "West Route" (as per Beckey) starts at the col between Dragontail and Colchuck Peaks and is sometimes referred to as the Colchuck Glacier Route since most parties approach the col from the north via Colchuck Glacier. Combined with a descent of the East Route back to Aasgard Pass, this makes for a very pleasant traverse of the mountain and round trip from Colchuck Lake.

Nearest Town
: Leavenworth/Plain

Uses: Mountaineering/Scrambling

Skill: 2

Fitness: 2

The col is approached via the Colchuck Lake Trail and / or the Stuart Lake Trail reached from Leavenworth, WA. It is about 4.1 miles from the trailhead to Colchuck Lake. The junction of the Stuart Lake and Colchuck Lake trails is about 2.5 miles from the trailhead. From the junction, it is 1.6 miles to Colchuck Lake. The glacier is just above the lake.

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