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Skis Over Subaru**

About a month ago, WenOut put out a request for old-time, vintage outdoor equipment for a display we were preparing. One of our sponsors, Cascade Subaru, wondered whether we wanted to display any outdoor materials on the big blank wall of their service area. Because at least half of all people who do our brand of adventure sports own Subaru Outbacks and because people who are visiting a service area are probably in a black mood, we figured outdoor gear and outdoor pamphlets to distract such people might be a welcomed diversion. 

So up went the display designed by the keen, artistic eye of our AmeriCorps worker and window designer, Kalie Wertz.

Besides displaying old wooden Nordic skis supplied by Freeman Keller and some of the earliest Sherpa snowshoes (the game changers in modern snowshoes) supplied by Ray Birks, Kalie worked with the Mission View Elementary School's After-School Program to cut out the intricate snowflakes.

We hope you don't actually have reason to visit this display but if bad things do befall your vehicle (as they eventually will with all cars) pick up some of our brochures and check the antique gear, the outdoor pamphlets, and the outdoor calendar.


** P.S. If any of you have a guess about the rather obscure reference the title of this post is making (it connects to something from the 1960s) leave a comment. To the first commenter who hits the mark, we have a prize.