How to Comment on Posts

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast living or playing in Central Washington, we want your contributions to this website! Commenting is one way to contribute. Comments might ask questions about a post, or they might add information to a topic. A comment to a guidebook entry might make a correction or report the conditions you found. This information helps the next reader.

Two Ways to Comment

1) The Simple Way. Go to the bottom of the comment area at the bottom of each post, fill in your name, email address (required), and the 4-digit number shown. Write your comment in the appropriate box. Push ‘Save.’ Your comment will post when it has been approved (Note: We are trying to make changes so your post goes up immediately; for now there is a delay).

2) The Member Way. If you’re ‘Logged-In’ to the website, go to the bottom of the post, leave a comment, push the ‘Save’ button, and your comment posts immediately. To become a member of the website you must ‘Sign Up’ (a fast, one-time process). Once you’re a member ‘Logging-In’ is a 15-second process. Here’s more:

Register for WenatcheeOutdoors

To ‘Sign Up’ now, click here or go to the top, right corner of the homepage and click ‘Sign Up’. This is a one-time process requiring less than four minutes to complete. 

  • To sign-up, you’ll need to give a valid email address so that you can receive an email message verifying that someone is not falsely signing up in your name. You’ll also need to give a password, your first and last name, and the screen name (nickname) you want attached to comments (or posts) you make.
  • After submitting this information, an automatic email message is immediately sent to your email address. Open this message and click on the verification link. This, too, is a one-time process: It proves you (not someone pretending to be you) is signing up. After clicking on the verification link, check the privacy box in the next screen, and push the ‘submit’ button. You’re now a member who can comment or create posts.
  • On our end, we promise not to share your name or email address with anyone else. Signing up won’t expose you to new spam.

Log-In to WenatcheeOutdoors

You can access all the content at WenatcheeOutdoors without Logging In, but if you want to comment or create new posts you must ‘log-in’ to do  so. This takes about 20 seconds:

  • Go to the upper right corner of the homepage and click the ‘Login’ link.
  • At the next screen type in the email address and password you used when you signed up; then hit the ‘Login’ button.