How To Create A Post

How do I create a post for my article?

1. Sign-Up to become a Member.

  • To ‘Create Posts’, you must first ‘Sign Up’ (click here now or go to the top, right corner of the homepage and click on ‘Sign Up’. This is a one-time process requiring less than five minutes to complete. 

  • To sign-up, you’ll need to give a valid email address so that you can receive an email message verifying that someone is not falsely signing up in your name. You’ll also need to give a password, your first and last name, and the screen name (nickname) you want attached to the comments (or posts) you make.

  • After submitting this information, an automatic email message is immediately sent to your email address. Open this message and click on the verification link. This, too, is a one-time process: It proves you (not someone pretending to be you) is signing up. After clicking on the verification link, check the privacy box in the next screen, and push the ‘submit’ button. You’re now a user/member who can comment or create posts.

  • On our end, we promise not to share your name or email address with anyone else. Signing up won’t expose you to a bunch of new spam.

2. Log-In as a Member
  • You can access all the content at WenatcheeOutdoors without Logging In. However, if you want to create a new post, you must ‘log-in’ first. This takes about 15 seconds.
  • Go to the upper right corner of the homepage and click the "Login" link
  • At the next screen type in the email address and password you used when you Signed Up. Hit the ‘Login’ button. You’re done—the homepage returns with enhanced features for you to use.
3. Create a Post
  • If you’re a member of our website (see Sign Up) and are ‘Logged-In’ (see Login), you will have a ‘Create Post’ tab available to you. This tab shows up only after you Log-In and is located on the horizontal navigation bar near the top of each page. 
  • Click on "Create Post" this tab and you’ll open an editing box where you can create and edit your post/article. 
  • Give the post/article a name, write (or paste-in) your story, give the post some tags to help search engines find the story (not mandatory). 
  • In the ‘Advanced Options’ below the editing box, you can categorize the post so others can find it easier later, and you can write a brief description of what the post is about that displays on the homepage and act as come-on to get people to open the entire post (this is not a mandatory step). 
  • When you’re done, hit the ‘Post’ button at the very bottom. Your post will display at the top of the ‘Recent Posts’ subsection of the home page. 

How do I edit a previous post?

  • Log-In to the website (see above) 
  • Open the post so you’re reading the entire thing, not the summary. 
  • At the bottom of the box containing the post, look for the pencil symbol.
  • Click on the pencil and the post will pop open in the edit box. 
  • Make the changes you want to the post, the summary, or the way it is categorized. 
  • Hit the ‘Post’ button at the bottom. You’re done. (Note: you can’t edit another person’s post, you can only ‘Comment’ about their post).

How do I add photos?

Photos help a post. Think about photos that will help tell your story or improve its look and get some of those pictures when you’re in the field. Adding photos to a post is a easy but not completely intuitive because the images need to be uploaded and sized properly. 

Two approaches:

Email us a few pictures to add to your post and we’ll do this step for you (we can handle most file formats and sizes but prefer receiving JPEGs that are between 70 – 150K in size).

2. Post the pictures yourself--here's how

What can I write about?

  • If you have expertise on an outdoor topic, insights derived from an experience, a trip report you think others will benefit from, guidebook-type information about a particular place… write it up and post it. Remember we’re a local site, so make sure you make connections to why this is suitable to us locally (make connections to local people, local places, local issues, and local happenings). If the post has no local relevance, we may remove it.
  • The content editor will copy edit most (if not all) new posts. The editor has the right to edit for clarification, style, tone, readability. The editor will also delete any post that is an advertisement, off topic, or off tone.
  • Events should not be added as posts. Complete details about events (time, place, activities, contact info, etc.) should be emailed to the content editor so that the event can be added to the Outdoor Events Calendar.

What are the Etiquette Guidelines?

Name calling, insults, character attacks, swearing, flaming, or other mean-spirited behavior is not tolerated at this site. The content editor will delete comments that are disrespectful or overstep the line of common decency. The editor also reserves the right to deactivate members/users whose comments have been deleted more than twice.

  • What’s not appropriate? Anything we perceive as an advertisement for a commercial service or product. Anything that’s off-topic (e.g., not about muscle-powered adventure sports). Anything that’s disrespectful or uses inappropriate language.  Something with no local relevance.
  • Civil behavior is a subjective but here are some guidelines. 1) If you let someone with a strong conscience read the comment (e.g., parent or teacher), would he/she approve of the content and tone? 2) If your real name were attached to the message would you keep it exactly the same or would you show better manners?
  • Being civil and respectful doesn’t mean you need to agree with the information or position of another. Go ahead and debate the information or conclusions--just keep name-calling, insults, and character attacks out of the discussion.