Write for Us

Tell other locals how you melted a tent with an exploding stove…or how you fell off a cliff and survived (even though your flattened belayer didn’t). If you love the outdoors, we want you to share your wisdom and yarns. Enrich our content and strengthen our outdoor community.

What are we looking for?

Ground Rules

  • Our articles and pictures focus on sweat-powered adventure sports. We don’t cover hunting and fishing unless there is an adventure component (e.g., trail running to fish a mountain lake or mountain biking to hunt).
  • As much as possible, we like stories that are connected to local people, local places, local happening, or local issues. 
  • Our articles are not advertisements. Stories can have sidebars listing companies or services, but remove hype. If you don’t, we will.
  • Keep it clean and respectful. Cut cusswords, dammit. Avoid flaming. And absolutely no name-calling, stupid. We joke, but we’re serious.
  • We're finicky and concerned about quality. Your story will be edited for spellings, grammar, and improved readability.
  • That being said, if we change your intended meaning, tell us and we will fix it.

Specific Ideas

  • These local stories work for us: Profiles of local people - trip reports about local places - guidebook write-ups about local places - editorials about local outdoor issues - discussions of local events - reports about upcoming local outdoor happening - yarns about a local adventure - lessons learned from a recent trip - natural history information about local flora and fauna - conservation information applying to Central Washington - local people taking on a non-local adventure.
  • We also like general contentTechnique pieces - tips - how-to stories. 

(It’s not always possible, but strive to give such stories a local connection.)

  • Gear reviews are great too. Think locally and tell how a bombproof tent weathered the jet stream atop Mt. Stuart, or how a sleeping pad tobogganed down the north face of Maude without you feeling the bumps. We focus only on ‘favorite’ gear or ‘best’ products. ‘Best’ has some latitude because the product could be the best sleeping bag for the money, the best lightweight pack, or the best cartridge stove. But why waste anyone’s time or money on mediocre stuff?

Submitting Your Stories

  • The easy way. Send it in an email (pasted in or as attached as a Word document). Pictures improve stories so attach a few in your email. Think of images when you’re in the field and take photos before you write. We can handle pictures in most formats and sizes but JPEGs with file sizes of 70 to 150K are great.
  • The editor-friendly way. If you expect to contribute more than once, try posting the story yourself. Here’s how. Even if you post the words and send the photos, your story will get online much faster.
  • Adding pictures is also relatively simple, but not completely intuitive - images must be uploaded and then sized. The first few times you post, send us the pictures. Once you’ve done that, try the whole shebang.