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The Golden Stairway ... to the Golden Fleece

Far from any place anyone might even consider a place, ‘The Golden Stairway' may not hold much in the way of gold, but it is indeed a stairway to beautiful meadows and wide views over the Conconully region.

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Gardner Mountain

Unlike many peaks of the area, Gardner Mountain has shied away from the spotlight and sits as a high, lonely, and remote outpost providing backpackers with stellar North Cascades views.

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Springtime Naturalist Courses in NCW

We've passed the gray months of winter and are headed into the season of color. So why not amp up your outdoor experience this year by taking a local naturalist course? Whether you're interested in wildlife, native plants, or birds, there are springtime courses for telling the difference between mule's ear and the ears of a mule.
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First Flowers at Saddle Rock

During a walk in the Saddle Rock area on Sunday, March 7, we saw our first wildflowers of the season. The sage buttercups were out in good numbers. We also saw one bluebell and a yellow bell. Learn more about our local flowers.


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Snow Buckwheat

Marc Dilley, known to many at this site for his eye-popping photos but also a big-brained botanist, looks at one of the few desert bushes producing a resplendent flower in fall. Once you're aware of it, you'll see snow buckwheat everywhere.
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Flowers and Trail Conditions: June 2

Last updated June 2.  The best of the bloom has burned off in the lower foothills, but there are still plenty of flowers showing. Learn a few of them here. Also think about walking Twin Peaks -- you'll see the whole springtime progression between the top and the bottom.
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A Morning in the Sage

It’s prime time for walks in the Wenatchee Foothills. The balsamroot in the lower foothills was at peak bloom last weekend. This weekend the lower elevation balsamroots may be sagging, but they'll still be beautiful...and the lupines will be brilliant. Check out these photos.
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Foothill Flowers - Early Bloomers

It’s early April and only the earliest-blooming wildflowers (yellow bells, biscuitroots, sagebrush buttercups) are emerging in relatively sparse numbers. See what's out there now, and find out how far behind 'average' this year's bloom is.

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Name this Flower... (and win).

March 20. It's the first day of spring but very few wildflowers are out. This is one of the few flowers you'll see right now. Can you name it? Comment and win. And link from this post to other flower galleries.

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Chiwaukum Creek Hike

The Chiwaukum Creek Trail has many options long and short, easy and hard and is an excellent trail for viewing wildflowers early in the season and enjoying the fall colors in autumn.