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Foothills Man

I first met him on the north-facing slopes above Number Two Canyon Road. I was snowshoeing uphill through week-old snow—plodding. He was weaving parallel turns around sagebrush—gliding. When he saw me he stopped suddenly and watched. He seemed to be deciding how to how to confront this queer animal contaminating his ski run ...
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Mule Deer Summit

The Sage Hills are closed from December 1 until April 1 but when the warmer weather and longer days of March arrive, many local residents are anxious to get outdoors and explore the hills. Although visitors to the Sage Hills may not think they're harming the deer, they are. Find out why and why the deer need their space during this time.

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Castle Rock Trail - Help Out

Following the campaign to raise over $8.5 million to protect the Wenatchee Foothills, the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust has started recruiting volunteers to improve trails and habitat in the Foothills. On Saturday April 12, work on a new trail at Castle Rock commences. And that's just the start of the trail work ahead.
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Land Trust Goes Big

The Land Trust announced on February 20 that they are shooting the moon and going big. In an effort that will be the biggest fund-raising campaign launched by a non-profit in the Wenatchee Valley, the CDLT is raising $8.1 million to double the amount of protected open space in the Wenatchee Foothills. What does this mean to the area now and in the future? A whole lot more than you might think.
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The Man Who Climbed a Hill and Skied Down a Mountain

As Mike Rolfs and I skied up the snow-covered roads leading to the top of Twin Peaks, Mike questioned whether this 4,700-foot summit was a foothill of Wenatchee or a mountain. In my mind it's always been a foothill, but there's good reasons to consider it mountain.
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Wenatchee Foothills - Dry Gulch

If Christmas snow forecasts deliver, consider taking an outing right from the edge of <st1:city w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Wenatchee to the Dry Gulch/Asamera area. Even if the snow isn't deep enough for skiing or snowshoeing, Dry Gulch is a good ultra-local hiking option for burning off some Christmas calories.

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Fire Resources

Here's a look at where the Table Mountain fire is relative to Mission Ridge as of Sept 26. Also check out our link to NASA pictures of the Washington fires taken from space. Finally, check out these aerial photos of the local fires taken by John Marshall.
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We’re Baack … from Disasters and Distractions

Around September 9, fire was lapping at the doors of the world headquarters of WenatcheeOutdoors. We were issued a Level 3 notice and were advised to evacuate. We didn’t flee but did pack our computers in a car and, for several days, waited as fire approached to within a third of a mile of us...

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Hiking Basics - Class and Outings

Our hiking classes and outings are part of the Subaru Outdoor Series. The series strives to ‘hook’ people on the outdoors. We want to get you (whether you are a beginner, newcomer to the area, parent with kids, or a retiree) over any obstacle preventing you from enjoying our local trails. Our trails are one of the great assets of living here.

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Foothills Infatuation

Family travels take me to places south in mid-December just when the La Nina year is leaving our foothills in condition for backyard backcountry skiing. I leave, fearing the foothills season, which doesn’t shape up at all some years and only lasts several weeks on a better year will slip by without me.