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Nice Piece of A.S.S.

If you click on this post because you think WenatcheeOutdoors has tried to boost its ratings through porn, you’ll be sorely disappointed. This post is about Adventure Skate Skiing (ASS) or skate skiing in non-traditional areas like along groomed snowmobile trails. Find out the why, where, when, an how of it all here.

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Fire Resources

Here's a look at where the Table Mountain fire is relative to Mission Ridge as of Sept 26. Also check out our link to NASA pictures of the Washington fires taken from space. Finally, check out these aerial photos of the local fires taken by John Marshall.
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Mt. Stuart - North Ridge Madness

On one Saturday in August, three different climbing teams from Wenatchee lay seige of Mt. Stuart. The most outrageous (and masochistic) of those assaults? The one-day, car-to-car climb of the complete North Ridge by John Plotz and Kyle Flick.

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Elections 2008 - Gregoire, Rossi, and More

Gregoire vs. Rossi: It's the most important race impacting statewide economic growth and conservation. Rossi is more strongly endorsed by the building and development community, Gregoire by the majority of the conservation community. We present two different views.

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Cacti of Washington State -- A History

She spent her young life avoiding controversy. Then the author became embroiled in one of the most heated of all issues: The study of cacti.