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Oval Pass and Eagle Pass--Trails and Climbs

The Oval Pass and Eagle Pass environs of the Chelan-Sawtooth Wilderness offer visitors miles of well-graded trails, a half-dozen 8,000-foot peaks with non-technical climbing routes, and larch forests that are the color of dollar bills in spring and the color of gold in autumn.

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Biking Lewis Butte

These are not only some of the closest trails to the Western-themed hub of Winthrop, they are also among the least traveled. Given their proximity to town, you should saddle up the trusty steed (the two-wheeled variety) and ride on over.

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Sun Mountain Variety Pack

Though the marketing spiel of many places make the promise of 'something for everyone', the trails around Sun Mountain Lodge actually deliver. Ranging from mellow doubletrack trails, to short and fast intermediates, or even a former downhill race course, just about any rider can find something here they’ll enjoy.
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Ephrata Community Trails

Ray Birks just reported on the WenatcheeOudoorsForum that the trail conditions on the Ephrata trails are currently good. The area offers shrub-steppe terrain and trails that drain well. This is an excellent place to walk, ride, or run in winter (frosted shrubs), spring (flowers and greenery), and autumn (blonde grasses and golden light).
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Mud is Our March Madness

This time of year  E.E. Cummings calls “mud-luscious” and “puddle-wonderful.” During this in-between season, consider heading to a local riverside park, swimming beach, or boat launch to experience a muddy adventure. Take a child along to witness, first-hand, the delight of new discoveries.
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Winter Creekin'

Winter brings a variety of adventure sport opportunities to the region. James Moore tells how 'creekin’ is a charming and challenging combination of hiking and ice climbing. All that is needed is a frozen creek and a few basic pieces of equipment...

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Seven of the Top 20 Found Here

Washington Trails Association's (WTA) most recent cover story for the November/December issue of the magazine is WTA's Top 100 - Favorite Trails, Views, Destinations, and Tips. It's an old compilation that allows lots of random tips get thrown to the mix so the story can hit that golden '100' number...
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Trial through the Muddy Season

The riding skill exhibited in this video left us slack jawed.  With the gray days of November soon upon us and with days ahead when the trails will be too soft to ride responsibly, setting up some trials in the driveway that are suited to your skills...

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What's new, Saddle Rock?

The movement for a restored and sustainable Saddle Rock has begun. Thursday, September 26 was the kick-off to the Saddle Rock Rehabilitation supported by the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust. With the help of nine volunteers, a new wooden fence...
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Recreation Report Update

Here at WenatcheeOutdoors Headquarters, we just received the latest Recreation Report from the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest Service, which is issued bi-weekly. This is the information we found most interesting for outdoor enthusiasts to know...