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Avalanche ABCs for Snowshoers

An older post, but a good one to share. Let's get back to the basics for those peeps who don't have a lot of familiarity with snow. Learn the details about snow so you don't find yourself swimming in it.

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Watson Ski Traverse

Tom Janisch and Chris Kappler celebrated the 4th by skiing the Watson Traverse.  Although outside our territory, Mt. Baker is a place that our local backcountry skiers can still log a vertical mile of turns now that summer has greatly reduced the skiing options in our own backyard.
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Skiing Silver Star Mountain

Star Mountain (near Mazama on the east slopes of Washington Pass) harbors northeasterly facing glaciers and snowfields that can offer fine skiing. In spring, when Highway 20 is plowed to the gate at Silver Star Creek gate, there is reasonable access.

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The Enchantments - Sideways

 There's always that crew of people who like to do things a little sideways.  Tom Janisch, Mark Shipman, Freeman Keller and Bill Wicheta traversed the Enchantments crosswise to the standard routes, and were rewarded with phenomenal views and color displays.