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Avalanche ABCs for Snowshoers

An older post, but a good one to share. Let's get back to the basics for those peeps who don't have a lot of familiarity with snow. Learn the details about snow so you don't find yourself swimming in it.

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Rock Mountain Ski Tour

This route is a non-nonsense ascent and descent of one of the higher peaks flanking Highway 2. From highway you immediately get down to business and climb over 4,200 vertical feet to the summit. Along with the big climb come big views and the big drop back down. 

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Stevens Pass Bike Park

The weak winter weather may have been a sign omen that this is the year of the long summer ... and the year to really concentrate on mountain biking. If you want to improve your bike handling skills using the bike park at Stevens Pass will up your game quickly. More about riding Stevens.

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Even during difficult seasons -- or difficult weekends -- there are usually ways to engage in those outdoor activities fuel your passion. The solutions is often a case of thinking outside of the box... of being flexible. This story may focus on skiing, but the lesson is transferable.

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Jim Hill Mountain

Much like the stubborn railroad baron for which it is named, Jim Hill Mountain stands strong and defiant, guarding it’s relatively small and out-of-the-way summit with a long bushwack and scrambling. Fortunately, the effort is not without reward.

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Jim Hill and Arrowhead Mountain

These two peaks near Stevens Pass can be skied or snowshoed from the same entry point. Jim Hill has a fabulous north-facing bowl to ski and Arrowhead Mountain has fabulous old-growth glades and hemlock forests to explore. Furthermore, you can sometimes find powder here in May!
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Snow Depths - 2014

It's true our snow totals are low -- Stevens Pass has 70 percent of the snow it normally has this time of year, Mission Ridge 56 percent. But snow totals don't tell the whole story. Coverage is actually good at Stevens Pass and conditions at Mission are far better than expected thanks to all the snow transported and deposited by strong winds.
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Ski Deals for the 2013-14 Season

Most ski areas around the region offer the best deals early in the season. How early? Here's what local penny pinchers will want to know about when to buy-in.
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Josephine Lake Hike

This hike might be ho-hum in summer, but not so in fall. To quote the Women With Altitude hiking group who supplied the details for this trip description, the fall colors on this hike are “awesome,” “phenomenal,” “superb,” “better than a back rub from my husband,” and “better than my husband”.
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Paragliding Over Leavenworth

IcicleFlightMarch222012 (1 of 1)-16 Stephan Mitrovich writes, "Finally, some sunshine in the upper valley. A bit chilly but the conditions looked good to get the first flight of the year off  Icicle Ridge above Leavenworth. It's a 45-minute hike with 40 pounds of gear to reach the take-off point." Read more and check out the aerial photos.