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Twin Peaks in Winter

For about a month each winter when we have low snow, the road up Twin Peaks makes for an accessible and surprisingly enjoyable ski, snowshoe, or winter walk. The snow season is short so when opportunity knocks (like it is now), out the snow toys and go.

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Backcountry Film Festival - Year 11

Winter approaches and, along with it, a local event, now in its 11th year, that helps local skiers and snowshoers get primed for the months ahead -- the Backcountry Film Fest. The Backcountry Film Festival receives submissions from filmmakers all over the world and highlights the best of the backcountry experience.

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Why's Everybody Whining?

Last weekend Stewart Hoover, ThanhVan Tran, Lisa Hansen and I had a great hike/scramble to the summit of Wedge Mountain (the one where the register is.) Then, on Tuesday, ThanVan, Stewart, Jeff Paton and I hiked to the top of Bootjack Mountain. These are really fun hikes this time of year that you can do with MicroSpikes and/or snowshoes.

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Echo Ridge Trails

Mid-December, 2014. The only groomed Nordic skiing option in Central Washington at present is at Echo Ridge. The snowpack is thin, but most of the trails are groomed and operating. Rates are affordable: adults ski for $10/day, kids 17 and under ski free.

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Magnet Creek Outings

Although ‘Magnet’ might imply this area attracts lots of people, it’s quite the opposite. Even on a huge weekend (e.g., Memorial Day or Labor Day) you’re likely to be alone on this airy but scenic hike near Blewett Pass.

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Uphill Rush

The Mission Ridge Ski Area just lifted their early-season closure of uphill skiing on the mountain. Now those willing to ski uphill under their own steam (using low-speed quads rather than high-speed ones) can use the designated ascent route at the approved times.  ...
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Ski Deals for the 2013-14 Season

Most ski areas around the region offer the best deals early in the season. How early? Here's what local penny pinchers will want to know about when to buy-in.
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The Bucket List

Living by the blue span of the Pacific my whole life, moving to the Wenatchee Valley has been my boldest undertaking to date. “So what will you do out there?” friends asked me, bewildered that I would willingly move inland. “I'm seeking adventure,” I replied with false confidence...

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A New Quiet on The Western Front

In early April, big news went down regarding snowmobile use on Forest Service lands. A federal court stated the Forest Service needs to manage snowmobile use on its lands. The case was decided in Idaho but may soon improve the outdoor experience for skiiers and snowshoers visiting the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest.

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Fledging Snowshoers Spread Wings

The emails started flying Friday morning. A week after the end-of-course final trek, the graduates of the Wenatchee Outdoors Snowshoeing Class were eager to put new knowledge to the test. Destination: Peak 6,056 beyond Clara Lake.