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Plain-old Nordic Skiing

There’s nothing ordinary about skiing Plain. For example, the hub of the Nordic action is a hardware store and the community’s economics are rooted in agriculture, ranching, and forestry. That would seem to make the community more of a Carhartts and snowmobiling place. Yet thanks to the seeds planted by one person, Nordic skiing has found a home here.

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New Year's Snowshoe Hike

We received this news release from El Sendero, our local ski and snowshoe club, and thought those interested in some New Year's Day exercise might want to join in on this local outing.

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Get Out Snowhoeing

WenatcheeOutdoors is partnering with City of Wenatchee Parks & Recreation to bring back last year's Community Snowshoe Hikes. These are family-friendly outings and a great chance to sample one of winter's fastest growing outdoor activities. Come explore easy but fun trails with us.

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Backcountry Film Festival heads out front

Winter is coming and along with it is an event, now in its seventh year, helping skiers and snowshoers get primed for the snowy months ahead -- the Backcountry Film Fest. The Backcountry Film Festival receives submissions from filmmakers all over the world and the top ten finalists  this year will excite skiers, snowboarders, climbers and snowshoers alike.
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Snowshoeing: Getting Started

Snowshoeing is great way to get out and explore the backcountry or our local trails.  We've adopted and adapted a Washington Trails Magazine article that covers general techniques, conditions, safety, clothing, equipment and other basics to help get you going or enhance your outings if you already snowshoe.
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Twin Peaks Dash

Remember our Battle of the Bikes?  We've cooked up a new "Stupid Fun" event for you.  A winter, round-trip dash up Twin Peaks. Will light Nordic gear, normal cross-country skis, telemark equipment, rando rigs, racing snowshoes, split boards, or running shoes complete the round trip fastest?

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Backcountry Film Festival

El Sendero is hosting the Backcountry Film Festival for the fourth year.  The festival promotes the work of grass roots filmakers who tell compelling stories of the backcountry, non-motorized recreation and environmental preservation. Enjoy several quality movies, dessert, refreshments and the opportunity to win sweet door prizes.

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Exploring the Backcountry with El Sendero

Even with the strange weather patterns we’ve been experiencing in the valley recently, Gus Bekker assures us that the backcountry has surprisingly good conditions for snowshoeing and skiing.  Read his trip synopses from outings with El Sendero.


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Backcountry Patrol, Anyone interested?

I'm interested in helping organize a backcountry patrol serving the Leavenworth area (from Blewett Pass to Lake Wenatchee). Has anyone else had similar ideas? Would you be interested in helping such a group?  More...