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Transceiver Interference

Andy Dappen discusses an interesting article from Avalanche Canada about interfering electronics and objects that might render your avalanche transceiver useless. For those of you who use one, this is important to read. Your foil chocolate bar wrapper may hinder this life saving device.

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We Want To Hear From You!

Hello enthusiasts. We would like to be more encompassing in our articles and pictures so we would love it if you could email us some of your pics and trip reports. Your trips don't have to be extreme for you to send us photos or reports. Whatever draws you outdoors, we want to hear about it!

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Fred's Photography Foray

I met Del Young and Tony Case at the Esmeralda Basin trailhead at our agreed 11 am time, despite being slowed by damage to the N. Fork Teanaway Road from recent rain runoff. New snow at higher elevations, and a clearing forecast for Tuesday had Del stoked ...                                ...

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Wenatchee High School Ski Building

Teacher Doug Merrill writes about four seniors who took on an unusual design and construction project at Wenatchee High School (WHS) – they made their own alpine skis. The project was unusual enough that Governor Inslee paid a visit.
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McClellan Peak Climb

Roger Gervin and friends recently climbed McClellan Peak -- one of the peaks rising above the Enchantment Lakes Basin. This is a scrambling peak with some patches of steep snow to ascend, some third-class rock to surmount, and some awesome views to enjoy.

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Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Routes

This book ($25) is both a bargain and a goldmine for backcountry skiers looking for the best beta on many of Washington’s best lines. Twenty of the book’s 81 ascents are here in Central Washington-- which gets our geographic relevance to the state's best skiing right. The route information is also top notch. Be aware, however, that we have a confession to make.
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Winter Creekin'

Winter brings a variety of adventure sport opportunities to the region. James Moore tells how 'creekin’ is a charming and challenging combination of hiking and ice climbing. All that is needed is a frozen creek and a few basic pieces of equipment...

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Snow Travel - Book Review

Slip-sliding on snow – it’s a good way to land yourself in a hospital or a cemetery. Slipping on snow (or ice) is the second most common form of accidents in the mountains according to stats compiled in Accidents in North American Mountaineering.  Injuries and deaths from such slips far exceed those from avalanches, getting lost, equipment failure, freezing to death, mountain illnesses, or ...