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One Resolution

Molly Steere, tells us the story of her New Year's resolution when her son was 16 months old. Giving us insight into what perceptions she would need to have raising her son, while being in nature.


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Sliking: The Secret to Feeling Eight Again

Carolyn Grow Dailey writes about a sport unknown to most: ‘Sliking’ (a combination of sledding and hiking). It's fun, good exercise, and scenic. Better still, it unlocks your inner child and makes you feel like you're eight-years-old again.

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Tronsen Meadows - Southern Options

The Tronsen Meadow Non-Motorized Winter Recreation Area, located just north of Blewett Pass, is a fabulous resource for snowshoers, Nordic skiers, backcountry skiers, and sledders. Winter recreationalists can explore many miles of snowed-over roads (and five to six square miles of woods) without throngs of people or snowmobiles. There are also several peaks to climb and many places with long views.

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The Little Ski Hill That Could

The Echo Valley Family Ski Area in Chelan opened for the season last Saturday.  Morgan Fraser reminds us why we should make a point of visiting this local ski area for a day of tubing, snowboarding or skiing.

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Squilchuck Park

Squilchuck State Park offers an easily accessed walk through frosty forests with fleeting vistas of nearby landscapes. It's super fast to reach from Wenatchee, it's pretty, and it's good exercise. It's a recommended place for families to sled or take easy walks, snowshoe tours, or jaunts on Nordic skis.