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Open Season on the Sage Hills

The Sage Hills trails open for the season on April 1. Here, Shelly Forster writes about opening day a few years ago. Conditions on the trails this year should be excellent and we expect to find a whole mess of blooming wildflowers.
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Flash Flood

Though often gentle, Nature sometimes wreaks havoc quickly. The residents up Number One Canyon Road in Wenatchee certainly found this to be true the evening of September 5 when thunderstorms unleashed movie-style rain onto the Twin Peaks slopes... 

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Foothills Trails System Grows Again

The Sage Hills have a new kid on the block. CDLT, with help from CW Evergreen and RunWenatchee, have finished the Apricot Crisp trail and connected the Homestead and the Lightning trails with 1 mile of smooth new single track. 

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PUD Working in Sage Hills

Because the Sage Hills have already been impacted by the recent fire, the PUD has opted to improve its access road through the area which was found wanting during the fire. Expect to see bulldozers blading the old road bed for a week starting November 5. The road will be reseeded and, in a year, shouldn't look much different than it does now. 
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Sage Sunrise

Matthew Tangeman writes, "This ride was about taking it back to the roots. Sage Hills was where I learned to ride. I spent many a hot spring day cruising around the trails on my rigid 1990s Walmart bike and then on a Gary Turner hardtail, my first real mountain bike." In this nice essay, Tangeman takes his old bike down memory lane.
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Lone Fir Spur Becomes a Road

 It’s only through dumb luck that the Lone Fir Spur, the three-year-old trail in northern part of the Sage Hills, did not get completely disfigured into a road. On the morning of October 24, a PUD bulldozer started blading the trail into a road that could accommodate heavy machinery...
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Sage Hills Opening- April 1

The Sage Hills Trails will be opening on April 1. Because the spring has been moist, some user groups may find they're leaving behind foot or wheel prints. Use the Mud Meter being placed at the beginning of many local trails to determine whether the trail is dry enough to use.
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Horse Lake Trailhead Dedication

On April 10, the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust dedicated its new trailhead located several miles up Horse Lake Road on the north end of Wenatchee. In attendance were about 120 people representing such diverse groups as hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners, families with children, shooters??

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Sage Hills - Still Closed

Although spring seems to have arrived early, that does not mean the winter closure of the Sage Hills trails has ended early. The trails on the PUD property and the Land Trust properties are closed until April 1. 

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Horselake Trailhead - Finishing Touches

All of us using the trails can't just be on the taking side -- that's being a parasite. Each of us also needs to contribute. Any day between Nov 2 and 6 you have the opportunity to contribute. Here's how.