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Our Beloved Saddle Rock

A video produced by our local North 40 Productions and sponsored by local Chelan Douglas Land Trust. We are a community that blends fantastic conservation efforts and outdoor recreation opportunities. Lets keep Saddle Rock thriving in a conscious, leave no trace kind of way and celebrate what is this areas natural beauty.
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Saddle Rock... As Seen by Flatlanders

What to do when the family comes to visit? Especially when they are from the land of the flat? When her parents and brother came to visit, AmeriCorps volunteer Kathleen Hannah, researched what activities would give a genuine Wenatchee experience. Of course, hiking Saddle Rock was a must.

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Shrub Steppe'n Up Days - What You Missed

Every fifth grader in the district put science into practice during a full day outdoors April 15-17 at Saddlerock during the Shrub Steppe outdoor field experience where they studied plants, animals, and the ecosystem. A hike to the top of Saddlerock also gave the kids a unique perspective...

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Shrub Steppen Days

We received this message about volunteering for Shrub Steppe'n Up Saddle Rock this April. If you are interested in helping with this youth-meets-nature event, fill out the Volunteer Application or contact the event coordinators. ...
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Call off the Hunt - Gift Card Found!

Congratulations to our lucky winners - 
The Mangold duo of Staci and Chris! They found the Sports and Fitness Outlet gift card perched deep down under the sticky rabbitbrush bush at the top of Saddle Rock. 
For those that went on the hunt, thank you for participating...
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What's new, Saddle Rock?

The movement for a restored and sustainable Saddle Rock has begun. Thursday, September 26 was the kick-off to the Saddle Rock Rehabilitation supported by the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust. With the help of nine volunteers, a new wooden fence...
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The Bucket List

Living by the blue span of the Pacific my whole life, moving to the Wenatchee Valley has been my boldest undertaking to date. “So what will you do out there?” friends asked me, bewildered that I would willingly move inland. “I'm seeking adventure,” I replied with false confidence...

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Hands Across the Foothills.

Hands Across the Foothills was held Saturday April 20 and brought close to a thousand people together to celebrate the Wenatchee Foothills. The idea was to form a human chain snaking down from the top of Saddle Rock to Circle Street Trailhead.
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Closer Look: Hands Across the Foothills

The next event in CDLT's Wenatchee Foothills Campaign will be their Hands Across the Foothills photograph on Saddle Rock this Saturday, April 20. This is your chance to support the Land Trust's goal to double the preserved recreational lands in our backyard by simply going for a hike.

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Are We Loving Saddle Rock to Death?

A typical spring weekend can see hundreds of people visiting Saddle Rock. It's a beautiful, accessible place to hike, and we enjoy it for good reason. However, with its spiderweb of erosion-prone social trails, Saddle Rock is also a trail steward's nightmare.