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Rock Mountain Ski Tour

This route is a non-nonsense ascent and descent of one of the higher peaks flanking Highway 2. From highway you immediately get down to business and climb over 4,200 vertical feet to the summit. Along with the big climb come big views and the big drop back down. 

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Even during difficult seasons -- or difficult weekends -- there are usually ways to engage in those outdoor activities fuel your passion. The solutions is often a case of thinking outside of the box... of being flexible. This story may focus on skiing, but the lesson is transferable.

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Rock Mountain Roast

John Plotz compares ski touring to split-board touring in this yarn. Plotz notes, "For our tour of Rock Mountain off Highway 2 last Friday, my two self-deprecating  partners, Kyle Flick and Scott MCallister, made for perfect roasting fodder."
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Rock Mtn to Mastiff Mtn Traverse

Adam Vognild, Tom Janisch, and Andy Dappen discover a gratifications of ski touring in the Cascades: The chance to ski everything from blower powder to body-slamming death cookies ... all on the same day. Traversing from Rock Mtn to Mt Mastiff the three enjoy the entertainment and the humility of skiing a hundred snow types.

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Rock Mountain Trip Report

Kyle Flick and John Plotz loosened their iron grip on the climbing season, and embraced the agony of uphill slogging for the ecstasy of untouched powder runs. The trip had a rocky start but by day's end there would be no looking back on the climbing season. 

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Rock Mountain

A great wildflower hike in the spring, this uncrowded trail also offers a steep climb and a good workout.