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Climbing and Brownies

It has been a solid year since I last went rock climbing. A part of me wonders, if I haven't gone for a year maybe I don't enjoy it as much as I thought I did? Surely I would have made more of an effort to climb if I liked it a ton.                                     ...

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Cascades Rock

Blake Herrington has created a book called Cascades Rock which is published and for sale this month. The book covers everything from popular roadside climbs to never-repeated alpine adventures. Blake's hope is to include every good rock-centric long climb in the range, at any grade and of any age. This includes driving, hiking, camping, descent, and gear information for each climb.

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Kids Kicking Butt

Check out this climbing video -- it's inspiring for kids and adults alike. ...
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Riverfront Rock Gym Coming to Wenatchee in 2016!

The facility will be across from the Town Toyota Center, next to Walla Walla Park. There will be over 10,000 square feet for bouldering, top roping, and lead climbing. The bouldering area will feature 2 levels. The climbing walls will be 40 feet high with options for all skill levels.
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Battle Scars

Sarah Shaffer tells the story of her biggest battle scar and what's been involved in reclaiming her outdoor interests and outdoor abilities. Her new self has lost ground over her old self, but she's learned to be grateful about the strides she's made.

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Springtime Climbing in the Okanogan

With winter quickly receding, the rock in the Okanogan country is ready to climb. When is the best time to climb Okanogan rock? Now... in spring before the snakes come out of hibernation. Where is the best place to climb? Find out here.

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Worming through Hyperspace

There is nothing more aggravating than having an itch you can't scratch.  It's usually centered around the middle of your back, dead center between the scapulae where it's impossible to reach. For me, Hyperspace has represented that elusive itch over the years, the climb that I have aspired to do in good style but...

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Parasol - Rock Climbing

Mike Rolfs recently posted on the WenatcheeOutdoorsForum about a new rock climbing crag a few miles up the Tumwater Canyon that's easy to access and is worth a visit. We received the details of how to access the crag from Charlie Hickenbottom and a topo illustrating the routes from Viktor Kramar. Check it out.
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Rockfest 2013

No, Mick Jagger isn't coming to Leavenworth. Instead, you can develop moves like Mick Cragger at the thirteenth annual Rockfest, presented June 15 by the American Alpine Club. The festival will feature climbing clinics at Peshastin Pinnacles State Park, a BBQ dinner, a slideshow by acclaimed climber John Frieh, and camping at Gibbs Farm.
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Climbing Rattlesnake Rock (Tumwater Canyon)

When it warms up again and you are looking for shady climbing, consider a trip up to Rattlesnake Rock in the Tumwater Canyon. The rock is clean and steep with a multitude of small edge holds that offer classic face climbing. The route is described here by Charlie Hickenbottom.