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Mud is Our March Madness

"This time of year I think about our valley in  E.E. Cummings’ terms  as “mud-luscious” and “puddle-wonderful.” During this in-between season, consider heading to a local riverside park, swimming beach, or boat launch to experience a muddy adventure. You may want to take a child along to make sure to witness first-hand the delight of new discoveries.

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River Birds Quiz

Last month we posted a slideshow quiz of the most common "trailside" birds in the Wenatchee Valley. Now, here's the companion "waterside birds" quiz with the birds you're most likely to spot during a paddle or hike along the Columbia or the Wenatchee.
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Kayaking Icicle Creek

Marco Colella invited Shane Wilder to follow him on a kayak trip down the boulder strewn Icicle Creek. Shane met Marco and his colleagues at the put-in just past the Bridge Creek Campground. Russ Ricketts also worked with Shane to take photos and video during the day.

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Wenatchee - Sleepy Hollow Access

The first 2 miles of this paddle is an excellent stretch of moving water for novices to learn whitewater basics. A few class 1 to 2- rapids provide practice for contending with waves. Difficulty of the water depends on the water level. The latter portion of this paddle provides a quiet, pleasant float through the delta and sloughs at the confluence of the Wenatchee and Columbia rivers.

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Wenatchee Confluence

Paddling through the estuary, sloughs, and islands at the confluence of the Wenatchee and Columbia rivers is one of the hidden outdoor gems of Wenatchee. Though virtually in the city’s limits, this area feels wild and a world removed from town. The noise and structures of the city disappear. Birdlife and wildlife abound. And you’re likely to feel an immediate calm as you enter these backwaters.  


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Columbia - Turtle Rock

The island is a wildlife protected area and has a fish hatchery on the island.  Deer, eagles, heron, osprey, salmon and other wildlife may be seen depending on season and weather.  The foundations of old buildings, built prior to Rocky Reach Dam, can be seen in the shallows on the east side of the island.

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Upper Columbia Water Trail

You've heard of the Rocky Reach and Leavenworth-to-Wenatchee trails. Here's news about another local effort: a 500-mile-long paddling trail on the upper Columbia River.