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Whiskey Dick Mountain Bike Ride

Big views, some “techy” dirt roads, desert flowers in bloom, and hopefully dry & sunny weather. That’s the idea behind this ride in mid-April in the shrub steppe near Vantage, WA. It should appeal to those who like the desert, feel comfortable being out in remote places...

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Trips & Trails 2

The new Trips and Trails booklet, produced by the Wenatchee Valley Visitor's Bureau with content provided by, is out . The booklet has the trip details and maps for 14 different places in and around Wenatchee. You may find it useful for yourself... or for out-of-town visitiors. And the price is right.
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Sage Hills - Complete Trail System

The Sage Hills are home to many of Wenatchee’s prettiest hikes and rides. But the area is confusing because there’s no signage and many segments of trails are now closed. So we’ve put together this inventory of legal trails and a good map. Use this information like a menu to assemble an outing that’s the right length and difficulty for you.