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The Colors of Touring

My daughter paints in oils. One of her paintings of a goat’s face looks realistic from a distance but is a swatch book or color when examined closely. “There are so many colors within color,” she has told me. I decide to practice observing like an artist on an early morning ski tour.

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Fred's Photography Foray

I met Del Young and Tony Case at the Esmeralda Basin trailhead at our agreed 11 am time, despite being slowed by damage to the N. Fork Teanaway Road from recent rain runoff. New snow at higher elevations, and a clearing forecast for Tuesday had Del stoked ...                                ...

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Exceptional Outdoor Photos

Photographing the special moments that we all witness when we're outdoors can make the experience more meaningful and more powerful. Pictures also help us bring the outdoors indoors when we hang our favorite photos around the home. To help 'up' your photography game, consider these tips. 

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Fall Photos and the Gospel of Marc

Marc Dilley sent us a handful of autumn shots to consider for Picture of the Week. They were too good to single out just one, so we compiled them all into a post and asked Marc to supply a few tips about how he created each picture. 

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Twin Peaks - Macro and Micro

At this time of spring, the views from the top of Twin Peaks are a spectacular display of nature‚Äôs palette - from macro to micro.  Not only are the photography opportunities multi-faceted, but so are the recreational opportunities.  It's a cornucopia of color and fun!
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Don't Tell Me What's Best!

Marc Dilley recently submitted eight photos for the website with the message: "If you only pick one of these, please use the best: Tamaracks and Enchantments or Endurance." That elevated our blood pressure -- how dare he tell us what we should like best! Look at the pictures then give that elitist a piece of your mind.  

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WTA Photo Contest Winners

Washington Trails Association has announced winners in its annual Northwest Exposure Photo Contest.  The photos are stunning, although we think some of our regular photography contributors may have swept the podium had they entered (ahem). 

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Ice Worlds

These ice images are from a collection Marc Dilley shot during our recent frigid weather. They're almost alien...and entirely beautiful. This post shows a selection of these images and describes how Marc captures these images.

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Autumn Pics

Marc Dilley recently upgraded his photo gear from a prosumer camera to a full-blow digital SLR. Here are a few of his first images brought back from Colchuck and Horseshoe lakes. 

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October Shots

On Sunday, October 12, Peter Bauer and Gary Schimelfenig spent several hours looking for colorful larch around Mission Ridge. Here are some of the shots Peter brought back from his frigid outing.