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We Want To Hear From You!

Hello enthusiasts. We would like to be more encompassing in our articles and pictures so we would love it if you could email us some of your pics and trip reports. Your trips don't have to be extreme for you to send us photos or reports. Whatever draws you outdoors, we want to hear about it!

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Exceptional Outdoor Photos

Photographing the special moments that we all witness when we're outdoors can make the experience more meaningful and more powerful. Pictures also help us bring the outdoors indoors when we hang our favorite photos around the home. To help 'up' your photography game, consider these tips. 

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I Need a Nature Prescription

Many of us intuitively sense that being outdoors keeps us healthy. We experience a sense of calm, solace, happiness, strength, or joy. An article called The Nature Cure, published in The Atlantic  this month, discusses why some doctors are now prescribing time outdoors.

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New Year's Snowshoe Hike

We received this news release from El Sendero, our local ski and snowshoe club, and thought those interested in some New Year's Day exercise might want to join in on this local outing.

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Drinking a Pine so Divine

Close your eyes, inhale the essence of pine, and let this tea transport you from the office to the middle of a forest. Add several astonishing health benefits and you may make pine-needle tea a morning staple. Read about those benefits and how to make this tea.
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Making Exercise Fun

How do we get more people to acquire the health benefits of exercise? Here in Central Washington we have a secret weapon: The Outdoors. Outdoor activities -- mountain biking, hiking, paddling, climbing -- can make exercise fun, inspirational, exciting, cleansing, and even spiritual.
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A Tale of Two Fathers Day

Glen Carlson writes philosophically and poetically about chance encounters ... and about crazed fathers from Wenatchee celebrating Father's Day with daughters in much the same way ... by fleeing Dodge and getting outdoors.

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Paintball – Outdoor Excitement for Kids

Remember, when you were a kid, running around with sticks and pretending to be cowboys and Indians, zombies and survivors, or what-have-you? Woodsball—paintball in which players compete in natural surroundings—brings those memories back to life for kids and adults of all ages for a day of exercise, thrill, and friendly rivalry. In fact, there’s a thrill to woodsball unrivaled by any video game and most conventional sports.
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Trail Running: Benefits, Tips, and Why You’ll Love It

If you were thinking dirt, scraped knees, mosquito bites, and bone-weary fatigue go along with the words “trail running,” you're not far off the mark. So who would want to try, much less delve into, this on a consistent basis?  Well, there are lots of benefits to trail running...

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Gold Report

Where (and when) you'll find the best fall colors in Central Washington.