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Mt Bonaparte - A Tale of Two Trails

Long a popular trek with Boy Scouts staying at Camp Bonaparte below, Mt. Bonaparte is a wooded, alpine island in a sea of rolling farmland. It’s also one of the few fire lookouts still manned in high fire season, giving a historical aspect to this high perch.

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Tiffany Highlands - Epic or Stupid Adventurey?

A fine line separates an epic adventure from complete stupidity, as discovered on a unique alpine mountain bike loop through the Tiffany Highlands, an endeavor barely completed through the power of optimism.

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North Star Bike Loop - The Fury of Fire Ride

Forget a woman scorned. Hell really hath no fury like a forest burning where a century of fire exclusion has created an overload of fuel that is ready to burn at extremely high intensity. Ride this loop near Brewster to get a feel for the fury the Carlton Complex Fire that burned 250,000 acres during the summer of 2014.
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Bonaparte - Lost Lake Mountain Bike Loops

Whether you start at the Bonaparte Campground or the Lost Lake Campground, a number of mountain biking loops using a combination of paved roads, gravel roads, doubletrack, and singletrack provide a good workout, give the adrenal glands a squeeze, and access scenic viewpoints overlooking the lake and the surrounding hills.

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Black Lake - More Interesting Than it's Name

With such a dull name, you might fear a dull hike. But dull, the Black Lake hike is not. Using this gateway into the Pasayten Wilderness, you’ll ascend smoothly and gradually through the Lake Creek Valley to a deep, mile-long backcountry lake.

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Springtime Climbing in the Okanogan

With winter quickly receding, the rock in the Okanogan country is ready to climb. When is the best time to climb Okanogan rock? Now... in spring before the snakes come out of hibernation. Where is the best place to climb? Find out here.

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Climbing Northward

Fall is here and finally the days are getting cooler, but also shorter. And while this means it's time to climb in the lowlands again, it also means it won't be around for long. There are a number of notable crags all around Northern Washington region that are in their peak time for exploration. Just 60 miles north of the US-BC border, the Skaha bluffs are a popular destination for climbers of all...


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Recreation Report Update

Here at WenatcheeOutdoors Headquarters, we just received the latest Recreation Report from the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest Service, which is issued bi-weekly. This is the information we found most interesting for outdoor enthusiasts to know...