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Plain-old Nordic Skiing

There’s nothing ordinary about skiing Plain. For example, the hub of the Nordic action is a hardware store and the community’s economics are rooted in agriculture, ranching, and forestry. That would seem to make the community more of a Carhartts and snowmobiling place. Yet thanks to the seeds planted by one person, Nordic skiing has found a home here.

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One Resolution

Molly Steere, tells us the story of her New Year's resolution when her son was 16 months old. Giving us insight into what perceptions she would need to have raising her son, while being in nature.


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Twin Peaks in Winter

For about a month each winter when we have low snow, the road up Twin Peaks makes for an accessible and surprisingly enjoyable ski, snowshoe, or winter walk. The snow season is short so when opportunity knocks (like it is now), out the snow toys and go.

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Quick Sticks

Doesn’t matter whether you’re talking Alpine skis, classic Nordic skis, skate skis, backcountry skis, the tips and tails of no-wax skis, or snowboards—if you use them much your boards will require glide waxing. Here are the ABCs for waxing your skis.

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Echo Ridge Trails

Mid-December, 2014. The only groomed Nordic skiing option in Central Washington at present is at Echo Ridge. The snowpack is thin, but most of the trails are groomed and operating. Rates are affordable: adults ski for $10/day, kids 17 and under ski free.

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Nason Ridge Trails - Help Out

Calling all Nordic skiers who enjoy cross-country skiing the Nason Ridge trails. Volunteers lead by Bill Miller have been working to clear brush adjacent to the Nason Ridge ski trail before the snow falls. The cost of the professional mechanical help is an estimated $3000. Help out if you use these trails.

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Nordic Skiing along I-90

The Wenatchee Valley offers a plethora of Nordic skiing options, but for those times when you need to expand your horizons (or when you're headed to Seattle), there are great Nordic options to enjoy around Snoqualmie Pass.
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King Creek Tour

A pleasant, relatively private winter outing providing pretty views over the Blewett Pass area and a destination for all types of snow play (light touring, snowshoeing, telemark skiing and ski touring). A Forest Service Road makes the ascent of these east-facing slopes simple. And the moderate-angle slopes studded with ponderosa pines gives ski tourers a nice place to carve turns. See map.
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Nordic Skiing Bojangle Ridge

Forest Road 7230 is in the same neck of the woods as the Tronsen Road near Blewett Pass. However, this road system gets far less fanfare than the Tronsen Road while giving Nordic skiers and snowshoers another interesting place to explore.

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Horselake Road - Ski, Snowshoe, or Walk

When low snows settle over the Wenatchee Valley, Horselake Road makes for an accessible, pretty, and surprisingly wild winter outing.  With our current snow pack, the road is in nice shape for cross-country skiing, winter walking, and snowshoeing. Grab it now.