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A Ski for All Snowshoers

It was a world-record gathering of ‘Hoksters’ with 75 people arriving to learn about or to test 'Hoks,'  a product some call a sliding snowshoe, others a grippy ski. This short, wide ski has a permanent climbing skin covering half its length for grip going up and to control speed coming down.

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Tour of the Luddites

Nils Larsen, telemark videographer, telemark instructor,equipment consultant, and all around zealot of free-heel skiing, is studying the unsightly tracks of a McNarly wannabe. "Those tracks reflect badly on skiing trends." ... A story about the filmmaker who will be in Wenatchee on March 3 to show his film, "Skiing in the Shadow of Genghis Khan."
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Skiing in the Shadow of Genghis Khan

Nils Larsen, will be at the Wenatchee Valley Museum (Tuesday, March 3, 7 p.m.) to show his film "Skiing in the Shadow of Genghis Khan," and to discuss the ski culture in the Altai Mountains of Northern China where people have skied for thousands of years. Did skiing, as popular belief maintains, start in northern Scandinavia; or might skiing have started in Asia? Come find out.