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Dream Job

What makes time stand still for you? What is something that makes you feel in the present moment? For this Alaska grizzly guide, being in nature with grizzly bears is what makes him feel alive and very happy. Inspire and get outdoors. ...
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One Resolution

Molly Steere, tells us the story of her New Year's resolution when her son was 16 months old. Giving us insight into what perceptions she would need to have raising her son, while being in nature.


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Exceptional Outdoor Photos

Photographing the special moments that we all witness when we're outdoors can make the experience more meaningful and more powerful. Pictures also help us bring the outdoors indoors when we hang our favorite photos around the home. To help 'up' your photography game, consider these tips. 

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I Need a Nature Prescription

Many of us intuitively sense that being outdoors keeps us healthy. We experience a sense of calm, solace, happiness, strength, or joy. An article called The Nature Cure, published in The Atlantic  this month, discusses why some doctors are now prescribing time outdoors.

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Wildflower Photo Tips

Wildflower season is approaching so we thought it appropriate to reprint an article giving some of John Marshall's tips for taking great flower pictures. Many believe sunny days are ideal for photography but, for flower photos, Marshall wants high overcast...and maybe rain. Read about this and other tips.

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Children in the Natural World

Around the Wenatchee Valley nature is so accessible and yet most local kids have never walked up Saddle Rock or Sauer Mountain. Studies confirm exposure to nature helps kids. Get them out.