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Our Beloved Saddle Rock

A video produced by our local North 40 Productions and sponsored by local Chelan Douglas Land Trust. We are a community that blends fantastic conservation efforts and outdoor recreation opportunities. Lets keep Saddle Rock thriving in a conscious, leave no trace kind of way and celebrate what is this areas natural beauty.
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Mormon Ladies Lakes Traverse

When describing this local backpacking trip to friends as a traverse of the "Mormon Ladies Lakes", I received more than a few blank stares. Apparently the lakes along this route are named for the many wives of Brigham Young – including Edna, Mary, Margaret, Florence, Alice, and Flora. Whatever you call this route, it's a good one.

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Ancient Lakes - Loop to Loop

The November shoulder season has descended like rain from heaven. A frigid and unpleasant mixture of  rain-snow is forecasted for the mountains. The foothill trails around Wenatchee are swampy... It's a perfect day for riding Ancient Lakes.