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The Ptarmigan Traverse Extended Trek

“We were wanderers from the beginning.” Thus Carl Sagan begins his book Pale Blue Dot. How true for many of my friends and I, thus the lure of long wilderness treks in beautiful high country is hard to resist. Nature wanderers moving to NCW soon hear of the Ptarmigan Traverse......

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Seven of the Top 20 Found Here

Washington Trails Association's (WTA) most recent cover story for the November/December issue of the magazine is WTA's Top 100 - Favorite Trails, Views, Destinations, and Tips. It's an old compilation that allows lots of random tips get thrown to the mix so the story can hit that golden '100' number...
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Lyman Lake Ultimate Frisbee

Marc Dilley's photographic creation of the Lyman Basin is phenomenal. Here's a different perspective from last week with two intrepid Ultimate Frisbee aficionados. The player on the right wanted to maximize his sun tan. 

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Lyman Lake Ski Touring

John Plotz skis into Lyman Lakes and deals with steep terrain and sloppy snow conditions. Eventually he gets smart (and gets a vacation) by skiing the mellower ski terrain which this area also has in spades.
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Spider Meadows to Holden Village

Peter Bauer writes about a backpacking traverse up Phelps Creek through Spider Gap, past Lyman Lake, and on to Holden Village. Completed with a college roommate, the ghost of Backpacking Trips Past seemed to linger nearby.

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Hart - Lyman Lakes

Holden Village is a fascinating town at the start of this hike. It’s cut off from roads (accessible only by boats or planes) and acts as a spiritual retreat for the Lutheran Church. Beyond the town lies Hart Lake at the foot of big mountain walls and, higher up, Lyman Lake at the foot of receding glaciers and the towering Chiwawa Mountain.
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The Big Chiwawa

This excerpt from Chester Marler's book discusses Chiwawa Mountain, Lyman Lake, the Lyman Glacier, and the interesting world of ice, rock, receding glaciers, glacially floured water, and vegetation in this portion of the Cascades. Pictures of the Lyman Glacier in 1928 versus now are particularly interesting.

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Entiat Snow and Ice

In this excerpt taken from his book, East of the Divide, Chester Marler tells more about the natural history and geologic history of the peaks forming the headwaters of the Entiat River as well as the domains surrounding Chiwawa Mountain.