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2nd Annual Moose Dewlap Citizen Trek

The 2nd Annual Moose Dewlap Citizen Trek for the L.W.S.C. was a great success. The L.W.S.C. is pumped with the amount of skiers who showed and they are already looking forward to Moose Dewlap next year! Get the scoop from Mark Milliette the General Manager for L.W.S.C. in this article.

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Family Affair on the Moose Dewlap

Laura Valaas writes, "Despite decades of ski racing, the inaugural Moose Dewlap Citizen Trek was to be the first time my two siblings and I all participated in a ski event together." Valaas reports that not only is it fun to ski with (and torment) siblings, but that the cinnamon rolls make this event worth the effort.
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Ski For Health Day - Free Skiing, Demos & More

The Leavenworth Winter Sports Club sponsors several free events each year to promote healthy and active lifestyles. Our geographical location provides opportunities for winter recreation ranging from Nordic skiing, downhill skiing and snowboarding to snowshoeing and sledding. This free event...

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Leavenworth - Icicle River Trails

A groomed trail system for skate skiers and classic skiing. The trails around Leavenworth's National fish hatchery here are flat and well suited to both beginners or competitive skiers out for a work out. The views of the surrounding ridges of the Icicle River Valley are beautiful and, after fresh snow or a heavy frost, the area can be drop dead gorgeous.