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New Traditions

Keri Davis discusses a new tradition she has started with her daughter -- hiking to Clara Lake in autumn to see the larches. Keri also tells how slowing down to see the outdoor world through a child's eyes has enriched her own time outside.

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Oval Pass and Eagle Pass--Trails and Climbs

The Oval Pass and Eagle Pass environs of the Chelan-Sawtooth Wilderness offer visitors miles of well-graded trails, a half-dozen 8,000-foot peaks with non-technical climbing routes, and larch forests that are the color of dollar bills in spring and the color of gold in autumn.

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October Gold and Our Local Larch

Susan Ballinger observes the changing colors of the larches: Low-angled, fleeting October sunshine sharpens the fall foliage display of our native deciduous shrubs and trees. My favorite tree this time of year is the larch, ...

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Fall Photo Quiz

Whether you've been attacking the trails or anchoring down the couch lately, you can still get your fill of fall with this slide show. While you watch, test your savvy with trivia on fall ecology.

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Enchantments - Larch Patrol

It's a classic.  Often touted as one of the best day hikes in the region, the beauty of the Enchantment Lakes Traverse makes the long plod worth it -- especially when the larches are in their golden glory.  Cathy and Drew Gaylord share their trip report and pictures.