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2nd Annual Moose Dewlap Citizen Trek

The 2nd Annual Moose Dewlap Citizen Trek for the L.W.S.C. was a great success. The L.W.S.C. is pumped with the amount of skiers who showed and they are already looking forward to Moose Dewlap next year! Get the scoop from Mark Milliette the General Manager for L.W.S.C. in this article.

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Nice A.S.S.

If you click on this post because you think WenatcheeOutdoors has tried to boost its ratings through porn, you’ll be sorely disappointed. This post is about Adventure Skate Skiing (ASS) or skate skiing in non-traditional areas like along groomed snowmobile trails. Find out the why, where, when, an how of it all here.
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Wolverine Fire - A Ringside Seat

On his recent trip to Lake Stehekin, Wenatchee architect Brad Brisbine found himself being an observer of the Wolverine Fire that is currently raging nearby. Being keen about photography, Brad used his telephoto lenses to capture some spectacular images. 
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Whitepine Trail

This is both a family-friendly and dog-friendly hike through old forests. Not only does the trail provide a shaded and naturally cooled stroll on a hot summer’s day but the huge, triple-trunked cedar tree reached at the ford across Whitepine Creek is a site in and of itself. It’s a physical connection to centuries of history.
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A Rookie's Tale: Camping 101

Kathleen Hannah writes, "My first camping experience was 'interesting.' It was less about communing with nature and more about full-immersion baptism." Read about it ... and share some of your own initiation stories, rookie mistakes, and lessons learned.

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Nason Ridge Trails - Help Out

Calling all Nordic skiers who enjoy cross-country skiing the Nason Ridge trails. Volunteers lead by Bill Miller have been working to clear brush adjacent to the Nason Ridge ski trail before the snow falls. The cost of the professional mechanical help is an estimated $3000. Help out if you use these trails.

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Terror in the Timbers

This week 6th graders from Foothills Middle School went to camp at Tall Timbers. Shelly Forster tagged along and observed that inside each one of those undersized bodies lies a brain that is habitually yearning to bump noses with death. 

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Mt. Maude North Face Ice Coulier

Information about this climb can be found in this post, as well as the Summit Post link provided.
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Mt. Maude Standard Route

Information about this climb can be found in this post, as well as the Summit Post link provided.
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What's Up with SUP?

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) has recently taken flight in the sports world.  SUP is continuing to grow in the Wenatchee Valley and the surrounding area, often seen on local rivers and lakes.  This sport ranges from calm and mellow to an extreme challenge...