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New Traditions

Keri Davis discusses a new tradition she has started with her daughter -- hiking to Clara Lake in autumn to see the larches. Keri also tells how slowing down to see the outdoor world through a child's eyes has enriched her own time outside.

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Heather Lake Hike

The name is a misnomer -- you won't find any heather growing along the edge of this lake. Nonetheless the hike through old-growth forest leading to this pretty lake tucked into knolls below the Cascade Crest is gorgeous and not to be missed.

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Colchuck Peak - NE Couloir

For all the time John Plotz has spent in the Leavenworth Alps, he had never summitted Colchuck Peak. Last weekend when he took on the frightfully steep NE Couloir, he addressed that little chink in his climbing CV. Warning: Some of these pictures may give you vertigo.