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Mt Bonaparte - A Tale of Two Trails

Long a popular trek with Boy Scouts staying at Camp Bonaparte below, Mt. Bonaparte is a wooded, alpine island in a sea of rolling farmland. It’s also one of the few fire lookouts still manned in high fire season, giving a historical aspect to this high perch.

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Mormon Ladies Lakes Traverse

When describing this local backpacking trip to friends as a traverse of the "Mormon Ladies Lakes", I received more than a few blank stares. Apparently the lakes along this route are named for the many wives of Brigham Young – including Edna, Mary, Margaret, Florence, Alice, and Flora. Whatever you call this route, it's a good one.

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Dry Gulch Preserve

You can joke about the hazardous-waste nasties buried here, but the 700-acre Dry Gulch Preserve (formerly known as the Asamera Mine) gives Wenatchee residents another nearby place to horseback ride, walk, run, snowshoe, relax, and enjoy views over the Columbia River. It's also open year-around.