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Twin Peaks in Winter

For about a month each winter when we have low snow, the road up Twin Peaks makes for an accessible and surprisingly enjoyable ski, snowshoe, or winter walk. The snow season is short so when opportunity knocks (like it is now), out the snow toys and go.

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Twin Peaks - Winter Options


In winter, the Twin Peaks area is mainly used by a few regulars who walk dogs here or who like to visit all year long. If you come up to ski or snowshoe, you can feel a world away even though you're only a few miles from Wenatchee.
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Horse Lake Mountain Inversion

When I left home im Wenatchee (Dec 1 at 10 am) it was 35 degrees. On top of Horse Lake Mountain (Twin Peaks) a couple hours later it was 70 degrees. I lingered in this "Spring Break" for an hour descending into the cold darkness of the Valley. Here is a slideshow of that day.

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Twin Peaks -- Main Road

Scenic, forested, and very close to Wenatchee. Cool in summer. Wonderful wildflowers in the forests and meadows and on the summit's rock terrain.