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Northrup Canyon Hike

This hike near Steamboat Rock State Park offers interesting human history, geology, and natural history. It also offers excellent rubber necking as you enjoy the surrounding cliffs. Whether you come for the academics or the aesthetics, you should leave well pleased.
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Ruby Creek Outings – Playing the Bench

The Ruby Creek watershed is a maze of old roads.Most of those roads are now closed and are home to various thickets of second-growth forests. Some of the road, however, provide second-string outings for our local outdoor enthusiasts. What do we mean by this?

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Cape Horn Backpack

Ken Longley wrote about this interesting hike to Cape Horn in 2010. Charlie Hickenbottom now calls the Colockum one of his favorite shoulder-season hiking areas and has added information about the access to this hike. He also sent historical info about 'Spanish Castle' once occupying the bar at the base of Tarpiscan Creek.

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Magnet Creek Outings

Although ‘Magnet’ might imply this area attracts lots of people, it’s quite the opposite. Even on a huge weekend (e.g., Memorial Day or Labor Day) you’re likely to be alone on this airy but scenic hike near Blewett Pass.

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Ribbon Mesa Hikes

Charlie Hickenbottom sent us an interesting PDF listing hikes in the Ribbon Mesa area (near Entiat) and accessed from Highway 97. He compiled information about parking, approaches, and hikes in a PDF you can download. We've also summarized what you'll find at Ribbon Mesa to help you determine if Charlie's kind of exploration is your cup of tea.
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Twin Lakes

My companions were shocked, “What? Mr. Outdoors hasn’t hiked to Twin Lakes? Every outdoorsman who’s any outdoorsman has hiked this one!” Doing this hike was long overdue for me but I can attest that I should have done this one long ago. It's not really the lakes that make this such a good hike, but the walk to get there.

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Tibbetts Mountain

Tibbetts Mountain, near Cashmere, offers a variety of interesting hikes and rides. Some of these are easy, others are steep, white-knuckled prayfests on a bike. Although the Fischer Creek Fire burnt a lot of the ground here in 2005, the area is well worth a visit now. The access is short, the views beautiful, the wildflowers and birds spectacular in spring, the colors beautiful in autumn.
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Saddle Rock 'Lake' - Where Is It?

Think you've seen it all at Saddle Rock? Have you found Saddle Rock Lake and Little Utah Canyon? Have you circumnavigated the entire parcel on trails? Randy Riggs opened my eyes to new possibilities in an old stomping ground.


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Crow Hill and Graham Mountain

The guidebook says this of the short hike up Crow Hill, “From one of the highest trailheads in the Central Cascades, set out on a delightful sky-walking, horizon-spanning, flower-lined frolic into the cloud-piercing Chelan Mountains.” Writers hate all these phony adjectives...


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Carne Mountain Hike

A steady climb (good for the heart) to one of the prettier viewpoints in the Chiwawa River area (good for the eyes). You'll climb out of forests to viewpoints overlooking hundreds of peaks....Especially beautiful when the wildflowers are blooming (July) and when the larches turn (autumn).