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We Want To Hear From You!

Hello enthusiasts. We would like to be more encompassing in our articles and pictures so we would love it if you could email us some of your pics and trip reports. Your trips don't have to be extreme for you to send us photos or reports. Whatever draws you outdoors, we want to hear about it!

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Echo Ridge in Spring

The tangle of old logging roads along Echo Ridge (famous for Nordic skiing in winter) offers excellent opportunities for hiking, mtn biking, and running along fairly flat routes with expansive views over Lake Chelan and the high Cascades. This is an especially good area for beginning mountain bikers and our new map has all the newest trails.
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Weathering November

November is a dark, dank month and many of us see our motivation sagging like a week-old birthday balloon. With fewer things to do and the need for motivation, ski films, outdoor films, and environmental films tend to be popular this time of year. Here's a list of what's on tap to get us through the November blahs.

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GPS Course at Homestead Trail

We’ve set up a GPS course and quiz along a 4.5- mile loop using the Homestead Trail (Horselake Reserve in the Sage Hills). We’re confident hikers, families, and naturalists will find it fun and instructional...

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Burch Mountain - Eagle Rock

The walk up this landmark is close to town but feels surprisingly remote. This is a particularly enjoyable walk in spring (thick wildflowers) and autumn (shadowed mountains), but the views are great any time of year. April 2014 update: Burch Mountain Road has been graded, making it usable by normal vehicles, not just high-clearance trucks.
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Sliking: The Secret to Feeling Eight Again

Carolyn Grow Dailey writes about a sport unknown to most: ‘Sliking’ (a combination of sledding and hiking). It's fun, good exercise, and scenic. Better still, it unlocks your inner child and makes you feel like you're eight-years-old again.

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Get Out Snowhoeing

WenatcheeOutdoors is partnering with City of Wenatchee Parks & Recreation to bring back last year's Community Snowshoe Hikes. These are family-friendly outings and a great chance to sample one of winter's fastest growing outdoor activities. Come explore easy but fun trails with us.

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Take Your Kids Mountain Biking

National Take Your Kid Mountain Biking Day is on October 6 and this year the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) has partnered with the U.S. Forest Service to stage an event on the Echo Ridge trails near Chelan. The event will take place at 1pm and is free...

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WenOut Branches Out for Kids

This past weekend WenatcheeOutdoors helped the Wenatchee Museum bring the outside to the inside at the third annual “Shrub Steppe Day”. We celebrated this brown, crusty region of the state that America once called a wasteland, but now calls an outdoor playground worth protecting for future generations.

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Risks and Rewards - Skiing the Backcountry with Kids

Mike Lanza of The Big Outside sent us this piece about teaching his son Nate to backcountry ski. At age 12, Nate already views grueling uphill slogs as "an awesome opportunity to get exercise and be outdoors. The downhill is just an epic bonus." We like this kid.